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Audio Book Review: Grading Curves by Naima Simone


Grading Curves by Naima Simone 
Series: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary | Romance
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Audiobook
Source: Read Me Romance
Published on April 29th 2019
Naima Simone: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Might contain spoilers.

I didn’t know him the night I climbed into his chair and under his tattoo machine. I didn’t know him when he taught me about the kind of pleasure I’d only read about in kinky millionaire romances.I didn’t know that when I walked into my college classroom the next morning the man who’d inked my skin and dirtied my body would be sitting in front of me.Dean Shaw is my student. My secret. And my downfall if the truth about us comes out.The problem is, he’s also everything I crave and can’t let go…

Grading Curves is probably the first four star read via Read Me Romance since like Halfway Girl back in February. I don’t think I have read Teacher/ Student book before (unless you count in wattpad) and I’m surprised how much I enjoyed this one.

I love how there was a mention of Hellmouth in the first few seconds after Grading Curves started.

Hero and heroine are both great. Neither annoyed me with their behavior. Nikki, who has a fear of needles, decides to get a tattoo and she meets Dean. I love how Dean started calling her Woody because she got a tattoo of a woodpecker on her shoulder. I’m glad there was a meaning behind the tattoo instead of her just waking up one day and deciding to get one. You might think that Dean would be a bad boy since he works in a tattoo parlor but he’s such a sweetie.

I really like that the fact that Nikki being Dean’s teacher didn’t take the whole plot. It just was an obstacle between them. Dean had wanted her since the moment he saw her and she haunted him, so imagine his surprise when he saw that she was his professor.

I would’ve liked to know more about Nikki’s brother and learn more about Dean’s family, like what kind of relationship he has with his siblings. I got distracted few times but I guess that’s why I prefer physical books. I even liked the narrators in this book.

4 stars

3 thoughts on “Audio Book Review: Grading Curves by Naima Simone

  1. This sounds pretty cool, even with the lack of background on some of the secondary characters. I love that you’re saying that whole teacher/student thing didn’t control the story. Such a shame when that happens


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