This is my personal blog. I don’t get paid and all opinions are my own.

Graphics Disclaimer

Images like book covers belong to their respectful owners, and usually come from the website where I find all the other info on them, like Goodreads. I tend to use the edition I read them in, unless I read them in Finnish (my mother language) to avoid any confusion.

I make my post headers in Canva, using their pictures. I might use other people’s graphics in a meme, tag or award (like I Heart Characters Meme). I also use some pictures from Unsplash.

If for some reason you have an issue at any point, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at: jamsu–95@hotmail.com and we can deal with your issue that way.


All books reviewed on this blog are either purchased by me, gifted to me by friends or family, borrowed from my library (this one is actually rare for me since I prefer owning my books), won in a giveaway or I finally received my first ARC.

Any possible ARCS are received from author/publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.. I might consider reading your ARC for honest opinion if I’m honestly interested in reading your book. I mostly read fantasy, paranormal and romance books.

I don’t usually mention where I got the book from unless I got it from a giveaway or it was a gift from someone. I also might mention if I got it from as an ARC or library since I rarely borrow books from a library.

I only review books, so I can share my opinions with other readers. I don’t get anything, like money or book discounts from it. I review books that I feel strongly about (positively or negatively). If I have nothing to really say I’ll just review them in Goodreads instead of posting in my blog. I also sometimes post double reviews when I really want to post short reviews in my blog but have really not much to say about them.