Rating System

rating system.png

Everyone use ratings in a different way. In this page I’m going to explain the way I rate the books I read.

My Rating System

5 stars=I had difficulty putting down and I recommend buying it ASAP. I miss the story and was sad when it was over. There might be few things I’d change but still recommend others to read.

4 stars= It few things I had a problem with, so I can’t say I loved it. I really enjoyed it but it didn’t manage to give me all the feelings. Four star book is one I wouldn’t necessary recommend others to read but really enjoyed myself.

3 stars= It was good and I can’t say I regret reading it. I expected more but still a good read. Three star books are enjoyable but not that great. It still had something I felt that made the book lacking. The book was mediocre and has a lot of good and bad things.

2 stars= It was OK. I only liked few things about it and probably had to make myself finish. The book had more bad than good things. Overall not that enjoyable but something compelled me to keep going.

1 star= I didn’t like it. I refused to DNF it but had to force myself to finish. I don’t recommend it and might even want to forget the whole book’s existence. In these cases I can’t usually say anything good about them since I feel like the whole book was waste of time. It was horrible and had maybe one good thing.

DNF= Did not Finish. I always try to finish books but it might be that the book wasn’t for me or I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I might try to get back to these books later to give them another chance.