Rating System

rating system.png

Everyone use ratings in a different way. In this page I’m going to explain the way I rate the books I read.

My Rating System

5 stars= I love it! One of my favorites. I had difficulty putting down and I recommend buying it ASAP.

4 stars= It had a thing or two I had a problem with. I really enjoyed it but it didn’t gave all the feels.

3 stars= It was good. I expected more but still a good read. I doubt I’m going to reread the books I give 3 or 2 stars.

2 stars= It was OK. But I only liked few things about it.

1 star= I didn’t like it. I don’t recommend it and might even want to forget the whole book’s existence. In these cases I can’t usually say anything good about them.

DNF= Did not Finish. I always try to finish books but it might be that the book wasn’t for me or I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I might try to get back to these books later to give them another chance.