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Audio Book Review: Halfway Girl by Tessa Bailey


Halfway Girl by Tessa Bailey 
Series: Girl, #2.5
Genre: Contemporary | Romance | Novella
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Audiobook
Source: Read Me Romance
Published on February 4th 2019
Tessa Bailey: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Might contain spoilers.

The team’s resident linebacker, Jerimiah, has gotten used to making people uncomfortable. He’s huge, intimidating and doesn’t have a lot to say. Until he meets Birdie. Now he can’t seem to stop talking, if only so she’ll say more. And stay a little bit longer. To be fair, she doesn’t really have a choice, since they just got locked in the basement together at a frat party…

I have read one book by this author according but that was back in 2014. I guess it was after I read Fifty Shades for the first time since it was a book about BDSM. I haven’t read any other books of this series but I think you can read it as a standalone. I’m not big fan of books set on college but synopsis sounded so good that I had to give it a chance. Also Ruby @ Ruby’s Books loved this book and really wanted me to read it.

Halfway Girl tells us a story about about Birdie and Jeremiah seeing each other in the kitchen and being incapable of looking away from each other. They have this connection but they don’t have time to exchange numbers.

Our hero is a good and a big guy. Birdie describes his voice as an earthquake. Jeremiah feels like he’s no use to anyone so his team mates use him. No one ever helps or thanks him before he meets Birdie. He was used to making people comfortable with his size and silence. I don’t what it’s about these invisible characters that don’t know their worth but then they meet someone special and they realize that they’re actually good and that they deserve better.

Birdie is living half a life since she’s also trying to live a life her sister would’ve wanted. I love how Jeremiah started researching diabetes after finding out she has it. My sister has epilepsy so I know that some people with long time sickness can get annoyed if you ask if they have taken their medicine etc. but Jeremiah wasn’t annoying with his concern over her.

Jeremiah helped Birdie become an independent and she helped him be more comfortable in his own skin. I love how this book is about two people who are seeking for acceptance but instead start living a life for themselves.

All in all a fast reading about self acceptance and falling in love. This might not be one of my favorite books but it also made me want to read more Tessa Bailey’s books.

4 stars

5 thoughts on “Audio Book Review: Halfway Girl by Tessa Bailey

  1. Lovely review darling. I am glad that you enjoyed this one so much. I will grab this one in audio for sure. I have a harder time getting into her writing if I read her books rather than listen.


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