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Why I Don’t Read Many YA Books These Days

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Hello my darling followers. Today I actually have some content that’s not a review, tag or wrap up? I am as shocked as you are. I decided to write this post since I’ve noticed that I don’t reach out towards many Young Adult books anymore.

I hope you guys enjoy this post.

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Top 5 Movies in my TBW list

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Hello! I have been very busy lately with moving to my first very own apartment and haven’t had even energy to blog hop. I’m very sorry about that but after coming from work I suddenly had this idea of doing a list of movie in my to be watched -list I still haven’t managed to watch.

I don’t know if you guys know this but I don’t watch many movies. I used to watch like five movies a day when I was in my early teens but now as an adult I can’t settle down enough to not get distracted while watching them.

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Why I Struggle Writing Reviews To Books I’ve Read In Finnish

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This was inspirited by a post Kristina @ Books and Dachshunds did last year about how to choose in which language to read in. Instead of talking about that I’m going to discuss why I sometimes find it hard to write English reviews to books I read in Finnish.

I do prefer reading books in English but there are some I still read in Finnish, like the ones I already own or suddenly decide to loan from the library. There’s no point in writing them in Finnish since so far I’ve only come across like one Finnish blogger aka Tecsie @ Tecsielity.

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Learning to Let Go

learning to let go

Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader¬†wrote this prompt to discuss how to get rid of books you’re not interested in reading or re-reading anymore. The problem is that I have never really unhauled books, so I’m making a list of some of the books I keep on my boxes and plan to unhaul… someday. I’m trying not to mention books from Monday’s post about sequels I’m not interest in reading. You can read it here.
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Sequels I’m Not Interested In Reading

Sequels I'm Not Interested On Reading.png

We all have those book series that we’re sure that we’re going to love,someone just hyped them out for us or maybe we just fell out of love with certain book series and just don’t feel like continuing the series.

Let’s look back to few sequels that I decided that they weren’t worth my time. I might read some of these one day even though I’m not interested in reading them at the moment since I can’t make up my mind at times and because I do own some of these.

You might also want to check out my post about books I thought I’d enjoy because of the hype here since I decided not to add those books in this list.
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Books I’d Like To Buddy Read

buddy read

I haven’t done many buddy reads. I can actually count with one hand how many people I have done buddy reads with; Laura (my irl-ish friend), Demi @ Demi Reads and Kal @ Reader Voracious.
I posted a review about my last buddy read yesterday, so I decided to list few books I want to buddy read.
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Top 5 Superhero Shows I Actually Enjoy Watching

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Superheroes have been popular since I can remember really. I never got into superheroes like Captain America, Black Widow, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Thor etc. I hope you won’t hold it against me but I don’t really even know what’s the difference between Marvel and DC.

The only superhero movie I really enjoyed was Spiderman: Homecoming.¬† I have been watching The Flash and Arrow in Netflix, so I thought I might do a list of my five favorite superhero shows. I don’t really get superheroes but there are a few that I do enjoy.

Before I start this list I thought we would look the word superhero up from dictionary:

“A benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.”

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