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Book Review: Deceiving the Corsair by Ruby Dixon


Deceiving the Corsair by Ruby Dixon 
Series: Corsairs, #4
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 172 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on August 14th 2018 by Independently published (first published August 12th 2018)
Ruby Dixon: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

The crew of the pirate ship the Lovesick Fool are worried about their navigator, Sentorr. He’s obsessed with working, spending all his time on the bridge. It’s not work the big blue alien is truly obsessed with, though.

It’s a female.

Sentorr’s convinced that Zoey, a female navigator on another pirate ship, is his mate. She won’t show him her face, though, or agree to meet him. She’s happy to have steamy, late-night conversations with him over comm channels, though.

He’s determined to find her and claim her, no matter what it takes. But when he does locate her and discovers that she’s been lying to him about who – and what – she is, will he still love her?

Or is the fact that Zoey’s human too much for this blue-skinned male?

Deceiving the Corsair is fourth book to Corsairs series. Just like Icehome, this series is a spin off to Ice Planet Barbarians series which I fell in love with years ago but aren’t catching up until now. I haven’t fel like reviewing most of these books besides Veronica’s Dragon which I think was second book to Icehome series. You can check that review here.

Just like Veronica’s Dragon, I fell with this book so much because how different it’s from usual plot in Ice Planet Barbarians universe. We have our usual aliens of course but I loved to see our heroine actually having happy childhood despite being kidnapped to another planet when she was ten years old. Zoey is actually really happy with her three brothers and would do anything for them.

Sentorr doesn’t like the change humans have brought into his life. He has always liked his life orderl and expected. People in his ship think that he’s a workaholic but really he spends a lot of his time talking to Zoey. She refuses to show him her face but he knows that she’s his mate.

“I love how sensitive you are. You’re perfect, Zoey. My perfect, sweet mate.”

I liked that the plot was different and I get why Zoey couldn’t show herself to Sentorr. She thought he hated humans after his whole “pity me” comment and she was used to hiding what she really was. I love how well Sentorr took the truth and how protective he was of her. He even took her to human date just because her brothers told him to. I just love how sweet this romance was and that there wasn’t much drama. Zoey and Sentorr really got each other because they’re both lonely even if they’re surrounded by several people.

All in all sweet read and I definitely will keep reading this series if there’s going to be book five. I’d be really interested in a book about her brothers; Adiron, Kaspar and Mathiras. One of my favorite alien reads and I’ve read tons of them in this universe alone. This books proves that not all heroes need to be bad boys for you to love them.


4.5 stars

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