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Book Review: Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon


Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon 
Series: Ice Planet Barbarians, #2
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance | Paranormal Erotica
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 210 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on July 24th 2015 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Ruby Dixon: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

LOSTTwelve humans are left stranded on a wintry alien planet. I’m one of them. Yay, me.
In order to survive, we have to take on a symbiont that wants to rewire our bodies to live in this brutal place. I like to call it a cootie. And my cootie’s a jerk, because it also thinks I’m the mate to the biggest, surliest alien of the group.

Barbarian Alien is the second book of the series but since every book is about a different couple you can read it without reading the first book. I ordered this right away after I finished Ice Planet Barbarians.

Liz isn’t very patient person. She even wanted to shut one of the other humans up when she kept crying. I loved that Li was a rambler. She didn’t even think that he understood her but she just kept talking and talking. I loved how evil she could be like after casually planting a seed of dissent before sewing cheerfully.

Raahosh’s name means “angry one who growls” which I think suits him. According to Liz he’s the tallest out of all aliens in the planet. One side of his face is scarred up, deep gouges over his forehead and eye. The scars continue down his neck. I wish we had gotten more detail about his childhood and how he got the scars. Raahosh isn’t talkative alien but he could be so sweet and he just wants a family of his own.

I think out hero and heroine fit well together, especially since both are so stubborn. I get why Liz was fighting her “cootie” so long after everything she has been through. It was so sweet that even thinking about her bein hurt made him sick. Raahosh and Liz didn’t have as bad language problem as Georgie had with her alien but Liz did confuse Raahosh often with her weird words and sarcasm.

I don’t even want babies but I felt so happy that we aren’t pregnant as long as these aliens. I mean come on three years! That’s like forever.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first one but I did enjoy it a lot. Raahosh might’ve kidnapped Liz but he also didn’t try to sexually assault her. He understood that she was different and human had different ‘mating’ habits. I might’ve wanted Li to stop denying her feelings earlier but it was all worth it after everything she did for him.


4 stars

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

  1. “cootie” is cracking me up because I’m super childish 😂 and I used to think 9-month pregnancies were long (because they are, compared to some animals!) but three years??? I don’t even want to imagine what that would be like.


  2. “Twelve humans are left stranded on a wintry alien planet. I’m one of them. Yay, me.”
    I choked on my water laughing at this synopsis. Another book has been added to the TBR. Great review Jamsu!


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