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Top 5 Superhero Shows I Actually Enjoy Watching

superhero shows

Superheroes have been popular since I can remember really. I never got into superheroes like Captain America, Black Widow, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Thor etc. I hope you won’t hold it against me but I don’t really even know what’s the difference between Marvel and DC.

The only superhero movie I really enjoyed was Spiderman: Homecoming.  I have been watching The Flash and Arrow in Netflix, so I thought I might do a list of my five favorite superhero shows. I don’t really get superheroes but there are a few that I do enjoy.

Before I start this list I thought we would look the word superhero up from dictionary:

“A benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.”

5. The Flash

The Flash is about Barry Allen who is the fastest man alive. At least that’s what he says in the beginning of the first seasons even though he has an arc-nemesis almost every season who is faster than he is. Barry is a normal guy until he’s struck by lightning from the storm and is turned into a metahuman.

I like this show but what I don’t like is one of the main characters (*cough* Iris *cough*) and the main romance. Westallen fans disagree with me so much but I think it’s weird that they were raised together and then end up together.

I think it would be better show if it focused more on the friendships between Barry, Caitlin and Cisco. I didn’t only grow to like the show because of the supernatural aspects but also because of the relationship of those three.

4. Misfits

I used to like this show a lot but then the actors and characters changed. I started this show years before Robert Sheehan (who plays Nathan) became Simon Lewis in The Mortal Instruments movie.

There was a group of young offenders sentenced to work in a community service program who suddenly get magical powers like immortality, invisibility and telepathy because of an electrical storm.

3. Legends Of Tomorrow

Here’s my favorite Arrowverse show. I have never had those “ugh. I don’t feel like watching” like I have had with Supergirl due to all the good characters leaving or with Arrow and The Flash due to a reason or another.

Legends Of Tomorrow is a show about a team who travels back in time to prevent bad guys destroying hstory, or you know when they screw everything up and have to fix things.

2. Heroes

Another show from my childhood! I actually forgot how much I enjoy this show until I started rewatching it my friend. I hadn’t watched it in like seven years, so it’s like watching it for the first time.

Heroes is about people who find themselves having these powers like telepathy, being able to walk through the fire without being hurt, painting the future, flying etc.

1. Smallville

Smallville is the first superhero I ever saw, so it brings me back to my childhood every time I rewatch it. I think Smallville even had one of the first main characters I just could’t like no matter how much I tried aka Lana Lang.

Smallville is a show about Clark Kent as a teenager. I know that many people were dissapointed when we didn’t get to really see him in his suit (probably mostly by the die hard superman fans) but I actually liked the show.

I enjoyed everything about the show; the villains, friendships, romances. I absolutely loved that friendship turned enemies thing they did. I love enemies to friends trope but it’s also nice have it other way around.

What Superhero shows are your favorite? Do you agree with any of my picks?


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Superhero Shows I Actually Enjoy Watching


    Yeah, I also couldn’t get into the whole superheroes thing at all. But I remember my mum watching Smallville and then I just sort of joined in with watching it, I did watch Batman the erm…very old TV series though? I think it was from the 60’s or something, anyway I liked that. But since then I saw Smallville, I’ve seen bits of The Flash (yeah i like barry and iris as like friends? but wow was it predictable that they were gonna be smooshed together *rolls eyes*)

    Yassss it should focus more on the friendship between those three, although I’ve not been watching it. Oh and my mum’s been watching Supergirl, which I kinda want to watch but only for the main character as I first saw her in Glee season 3.


    1. I LOVED Supergirl s2 but I refuse to watch s3 since all my favorite characters are leaving or have already left; Cat, Mon-el and Winn. I want to live in a fantasy world for a bit longer until I let the show destroy me.

      I watched Smallville before superheroes were “cool”. I remember starting it when I was in my early teens or maybe even when I was even younger.

      I never liked Batman. My friends were sleeping over my house like five years ago and they really wanted to rewatch Batman movies and I fell asleep during it… oops? 😏

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      1. Phahaha I mean I’m not keen on the movies, but the series I watched I really enjoyed it’s amusing. And I was still in primary school when I watched Smallville xD


  2. Don’t hate me but I obsessively watch(ed) all the Marvel shows on Netflix – event he notorious Iron Fist one. I loved Lucas Cage and Jessica Jones though, others were kinda meh.


  3. I’m more into superhero movies than shows (maybe because I just don’t have the commitment to watch shows week-by-week or the time to binge/catch-up 😅), but I’ve heard especially good things about The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow!

    also, as far as I’m concerned the main difference between Marvel and DC – besides, of course, the actual heroes, i.e. the Avengers and the Justice League respectively – is that Marvel makes better movies and DC makes better shows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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