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Love Potion Gone Wrong

Love Potion Gone Wrong

This has been rough couple of years for my ships, so for my last day for hosting I wanted to talk about ships I consider as star-crossed lovers. And because I’m going to explain why I consider the ships I picked star-crossed lovers this post contains some major spoilers.


What are some of your favorite star-crossed lovers?

Two people who care immensely for each other but due to their tragic circumstances cannot be together?

5. Spike & Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Spuffy might be my all time favorite ship but even after comics it’s “will they won’t they” kind of ship. I consider them as star-crossed lovers but I still have some hope for them. I like to think that some time after the comics they’ll find their way to each other. They have a really messed up past but they believe in each other and it has been proven repeatedly that they love each other.

4. Selena & Trez (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

I used to hate angsty books, so I’m glad to say that this one is the only book ship in my list. Selena and Trez were slowburn and I just wanted to scream at them to get together already. Trez was so sweet towards her and I couldn’t help but fall in love with them like I do with most couples in this series. Unfortunately Selena was dying and they couldn’t do anything to stop the sickness from taking her.

3. Winifred & Wesley (Angel)

I liked the idea of these two together since the beginning. It was so sweet how Wes had a crush on Fred and would do anything for her. I almost jumped from joy when they finally got together in season five. It was bittersweet though because not long after Illyria took over her body.

2. Quentin & Eliot (The Magicians)

I always thought these two were cute and I really enjoyed 3×05 but I didn’t start hardcore shipping them until 4×05. I was so sure that they’d be endgame since writers finally made them canon. Their friendship was my favorite part of the series and then realizing that they were actually in love made me so happy– but of course writers decided to kill one of them off and the way they did it was just awful.

1. Klaus & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals)

I just can’t stop talking about the injustice that’s Klaroline. I never stopped believing in their love even when it seemed helpless. I mean when Klaus started fancing Caroline he’d already destroyed any chance of Caroline even consider dating him even if she ever broke up with Tyler. Nothing is more important to Caroline than her mom and friends and Klaus had hurt them repeatedly.

Can you blame me after that epic line in season 4? Then they were in different shows for five years but Stefan never deserved Caroline and it was clear to me that Klaus never cared about any woman like he cared about her.

Caroline always seemed to turn to him when she was in trouble and it destroyed me when Plec ended the show the way she did. What was the point of showing that Caroline loves Klaus just to do that? And then informing that the ending would’ve been so different if Legacies wouldn’t have happened– I still can’t start the new show.

Which star-crossed lovers are your favorites? 

16 thoughts on “Love Potion Gone Wrong

  1. Aaaaaah Spuffy *swoons* I haven’t read the comics but I adore Spike and Buffy so much and Klaroline omg, I still haven’t finished watching The Originals but I just really don’t want to get to that ending…like Klaus…Elijah…just no *wails* thank you so much for being a host Jamsu, you were wonderful! ❤


    1. I haven’t even watched season 4 tbh. I’ve just seen what happens in twitter and Youtube. If I don’t watch those whole seasons it never happened 😇 One day I might have to though to see all those Klaroline scenes in s5.

      I loved being one of the hosts and seeing people actually taking part of my prompts! ❤

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