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Bonded, Bewitched, Drowned

Bonded, Bewitched, Drowned.png

Today I’m doing Sam @ Fictionally Sam‘s prompt about some characters i’d marry, kiss or kill but halloween version! I somehow succeeded posting this without saving everything so i’m sorry about that. You can read my last years post of the same prompt here.

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Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon.png

Today’s prompt is Gone Too Soon by Alana @ Dream Come Review. This post contains spoilers, so if you haven’t read/ watched the books/ shows mentioned don’t please don’t read spoilers about them unless you want to. This prompt reminded me of the prompt Soph did last year but this time I’m going a little more detail why I picked certain characters. You can read my last year’s post here.

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FALL in love

FALL in love.png

This is second prompt by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads that I decided to do. I love romance and was planning to make a post about my least favorite romance tropes anyway, so here we go.

I’m listing in my favorite tropes some of my favorite books from that trope but in my least favorite trope I list some of the books why I dislike those tropes.

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Love Potion Gone Wrong

Love Potion Gone Wrong

This has been rough couple of years for my ships, so for my last day for hosting I wanted to talk about ships I consider as star-crossed lovers. And because I’m going to explain why I consider the ships I picked star-crossed lovers this post contains some major spoilers.

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Garden of Evil

garden of evil

Welcome to my first hosting day in 2019. I was supposed to come back and add some things here later but unfortunately I suddenly learned that I was having surgery and I’m actually getting home today. You can check other amazing prompts here.

This post is all about one of my favorite villains ever. Contains spoilers for the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries.

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