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I was tagged by Jayati @ It’s Just Coffee Addicted Bibliophile. It’s not Valentine’s Day or even February anymore but it’s never too late to talk about all the amazing male characters I love. I decided to only use book boyfriends in this one.

The Rules
  •  Mention the creator of / blog you found the tag.
  • Nominate some fellow book bloggers to take the tag! (I recommend at least 3)
  • Be creative and have fun with your answers!
Most Romantic Boyfriend

Who else could I pick than Adrian Ivashkov from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. Adrian has some of the most romantic quotes and he’d do anything for Sydney. He even gave a lot of money to Rose when she was leaving to Russia just so she’d go out with him. Adrian pretended not to be able to do stuff, like driving a car just so he could spend time with Sydney *cries*

Dark And Moody Bad Boy With A Good Side

I’m buddy reading The Dark Star, so of course the first character that I came to mind is Damien Black from Lux series. Damien was such a jackass to Katy but then we found out why he acted the way he did and he became such a romantic.

Paranormal Boyfriend

I had few choices for this one since I love, love, love paranormal boyfriends but I decided to go with Roth from The Darkest Elements by Jennifer L. Armentrout. He’s a demon, so he doesn’t have a soul but he loves Layla so much.

Boy You Friend-zoned

George Lovelace from Tales From Shadowhunter Academy. George is such a nice guy but I’m shy and he’s shy, so we would probably friend zone each other.

Boy You Would Be Friends With Benefits With

Gideon Cross before he met Eva but I wouldn’t want to fall in love with him. Gideon can have sex for hours, so I think he’d be a good choice for friends with benefits.

Your Soul Mate

Probably one of the aliens from Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. One that hasn’t met their ‘soulmates’ yet. I wouldn’t want to choose a certain character since you know they’re already taken.

Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With

I don’t really know an answer for this, maybe Percy Jackson or Magnus Chase. My life would be in danger 24/7 but at least my life would never be boring.

Boyfriend You’d Want To Be Stranded On A Desert Island With

Ian O’shea from The Host by Stephanie Meyer. He kinda lives in deserted island already, so I’d have a place to stay and I could get food and drink from him. It helps that Ian’s a nice guy but he would also be protective af.

Most Badass Boyfriend 

Knox Thorne from Dark In You series. He’s the most powerful demon and he’s so protective. What I love about Knox is that he wouldn’t try to change me. He’s so badass that all other demons are afraid of him and four horsemen are after him.

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7 thoughts on “Tag: Fictional Boyfriends

  1. I’m so glad that you did this tag! Your answers are great and I absolutely agree with friend-zoning George. I think it won’t be intentional but neither of us will speak up so we will probably be stuck there, you know?


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