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Tag: International Blogger


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I’m here with another book tag. I saw this one in Sofii @ A Book. A Thought‘s blog.

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Tag: Mid Year Freak out 2019


Mid Year Book Freak-Out Tag

I decided to re-do one of the first tags I ever did in this blog. My reading goal this year is 150 books and I’ve read 77 of them so far. I’m still ahead of schedule so I don’t have to freak out yet. 

You can read my 2018 version of this tag here.

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Tag: The Umbrella Academy


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I was in a mood for a tag, so here’s one I was tagged by Rain @ Bookdragonism back in April. This has been on my drafts for awhile even though I finished the first season not long after it came to Netflix. I don’t know why I keep watching these superhero shows but I just adored Klaus and can’t wait to see seasons two. Continue reading “Tag: The Umbrella Academy”

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Tag: Out Of My Comfort Zone

oomcz tag

I was tagged by Sara @ The Bibliophagist. This tag was originally created by Emma @ emmmabooks on YouTube.

The only rule is: You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about… and then, you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

I decided to go with fantasy since that’s the genre I read most about.

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