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Six For Sunday #1; Favourite LGBT characters

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Six For Sunday is a weekly meme created by Steph @ A Little But A Lot. The meme was created to list 6 things we love/hate every Sunday. The prompts are mainly bookish but I will add things from TV shows also in certain prompts since I love to cheat.

6. Blaylock (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Blay is such a good guy and too good for Qhuinn. He’s best friends with John Matthew and Qhuinn. Blaylock fell in love with Qhuinn but had to see him having sex with females all the time while treating him like shit until they finally got together.

5. Simon Spier (Simon Vs. Homo Sapiens Agenda)

Simon’s a closeted gay who starts messaging with fellow classmate who uses a nickname Blue. Simon is funny, awkward teen and I really enjoyed reading about him and Blue.

4. Eliot Waugh (The Magicians)

I want to read the books but I haven’t yet so I have no idea how different he’s in them. Eliot is a student in Brakebills University aka in a school for magicians. Unlike in Harry Potter in The Magicians pain instead of skill makes a person good at magic and Eliot has been through a lot.

He grew up with his homophobic father and it was shown that his father is his biggest fear. Eliot enjoys partying, alcohol and drugs, especially when he’s in pain and he doesn’t like to show his feelings.

3. Magnus Chase (Magnus Chase)

I don’t really know how much Magnus can be categorized as lgbt+ characters since his love interest is genderfluid but I do count him as gay character. Magnus’ life changed completely when he found out that his father is one of the Norse gods. It was so adorable when he realized that he has feelings for Alex.

2. Tyrannus “Baz” Basilton Grimm-Pitch (Carry On)

After all this time blogging I don’t think anyone is surprised that this character is on my list. I could speak about Carry On over and over again. I can’t wait to read more about him in the second book.

Baz’s mother was killed by vampires when he was a child and they turned Baz. He started attending Watford when he was eleven and became roommates with Simon Snow. Baz and Simon hated each other but Baz started having feelings for him but instead of telling Simon he started to mess up with him.

1. Alec Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters)

No matter which version of Alec we’re talking about I like all of them. I don’t only have sentimental value to Alexander Lightwood since he’s the first lgbt+ character I ever fell for but he’s also relatable. He has his issues like how he needs to use almost all his energy to keep his sister and adopted brother alive, especially when said brother is reckless af.

I don’t really know what happened between book one and two between Alec and his love interest Magnus but I absolutely love all the character development Alec has been through from The Mortal Instruments to Shadowhunter Academy. He really went from thinking he was in love with Jace to admitting that he was dating a warlock during one book.

What lqbt+ characters are your favorite?

19 thoughts on “Six For Sunday #1; Favourite LGBT characters

  1. For Magnus, I’ve always thought he was Bi or Pan, but that still puts him really solidly as an LGBTQ+ and that’s part of why he was the best in ShadowHunters (I have to admit I never read the books, I’m a terrible book blogger. I did watch the show though). I love the crap out of both Magnus and Alec, enough that I wanted to read the books, but I was told they aren’t a very big part.


    1. The books aren’t amazing and it’s true they’re not a big part but they’re gettin their own series this year and I can’t wait! The last scene between them in City Of Lost Souls destroyed me. I think Malec might be better in the show but if you love Magnus you could read Bane Chronicles and Shadowhunter Academy.


    2. Magnus is explicitly bi! there’s even a scene (I think in one of the later books, though I’m not 100% sure which one) where he describes himself as a “freewheeling bisexual”, haha.

      I wouldn’t say that Magnus and Alec aren’t a “big part” of the books, because they are both important to the plot and get a good amount of storyline (both independently and together), though they are definitely secondary characters compared to Clary and Jace. I do second Jamsu’s rec for Bane Chronicles though, it’s one of the few short story collections I actually enjoyed!


      1. I’m not huge fan of Magnus Bane like most bloggers so I only read the novellas that had Alec in them but I hear the other novellas were amazing too. My favorite short story collection so far is Tales From Shadowhunter Academy.

        Edit: And yes I was talking about Magnus Chase in my post but Truly Booked was talking about Magnus Bane, so your answer was good (:

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  2. I still have to read the Blaylock book (I’m pretty sure the series is close to 20 books 😂) but I know it’ll be one of my favourites (as I love Blaylock, Qhuinn, and John Matthew.
    I love love love Eliot (still need to catch up on the series and read the books).
    Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro are two of my favourite characters! I just wish there were more books in the series.

    I love all the characters you mentioned in this post!


    1. I am loving season four of The Magicians so far but it’s also stressing me out!

      I hope Magnus and Alex would some day appear in one of Rick Riordan’s books again. I need to read more about them.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the characters I picked! ❤

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      1. I’m so far behind I definitely need to catch up on that!
        I’m still upset about the fact that the Gods of Asgard series was only 3 books! I read through all the books thinking there’d be more 😭😱


  3. Simon Spier is such an adorable, relatable awkward bean and I love him. I would definitely consider Magnus Chase to be LGBT+ (queer/bi/pan); though it’s been a while since I read the books, I do remember he spent some time wondering about his sexuality after he realized he liked Alex – and yes, they’re so cute, as are SnowBaz! and Alec Lightwood definitely grows on you really quickly; we stan a protective big brother who simultaneously undergoes personal character development.

    (and now I’m realizing – Magnus Chase & Alex Fierro, Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood. that’s quite a recipe for confusion 😅)


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