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I Heart Characters #8; Bam! The Opposite Sex


“I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love.”

This week’s The I Heart Characters topic is “Bam! The Opposite Sex” so I had to choose ‘A character I’d like to read about but the opposite sex of what they identified with in the original story! Let’s talk about what if Freya Mikaelson was a guy.

There’s mixed feelings about this certain character from ‘The Originals’. Some people love her and some people hate her or think that she’s really not a Mikaelson because she’s not one of the originals siblings. She’s not even a vampire, like her siblings. I don’t really get that but– What if Freya was a he instead of a she?

Freya has blonde hair and blue eyes like Klaus and Rebekah. He would’ve still be taken by Dahlia when he was five because he’s the first born Mikaelson. Freya had to suffer a lot because of Dahlia and maybe he even falls in love with a girl and gets her pregnant.

The couple is happy– until Dahlia murders his love and their unborn baby. Freya is great with kids and always babysitting Hope but I think if she was a guy he’d be a little afraid of babies, especially after what happened to his baby.

I wonder if Freya would still be Mikael’s favorite child if he was a boy? Or perhaps that’s why Mikael would hate Klaus even more, for reminding him of Freya. Freya would love Mikael, of course, since Mikael never treated him like his siblings. Besides, Freya hates her mother more than anyone for selling him to Dahlia, so compared to that Mikael is saint to him.

Freya is still ruthless and a powerful witch. He always wanted to know his siblings, so he’d do anything for them. I’d love male! Freya to be closest to Kol because my baby deserves to be part of his family too instead of always the outsider but sadly I think Freya would still have a part of Davina’s death to save his family. They could’ve gotten a stronger bond by then, of course, so maybe Freya would’ve found another way or maybe Kol would’ve understood him?

Family defines you even if it does demand sacrifice. My entire life I have longed for what you have. It is better to at least glimpse it facing death than run forever and know nothing of family.

He’d probably not be as close to Rebekah as female! Freya is. Rebekah was the first one to see Freya as family, so I could be wrong of course. Finn and Freya were very close but of course writers had to kill him. Freya would probably find a way to bring Finn back but for some reason she never did in the show. They might be even closer if they were both males, so who knows if he’d be more motivated? Maybe he would be the closest to Elijah– my least favorite Mikaelson besides Hope. Or maybe Klaus would make his evil plans with him instead of with Elijah? I doubt it though since Elijah was in Klaus’ life for over 1000 years.

One of the things I wonder about male! Freya is about his love interest. Freya was into guys before she fell in love with Keelin, so would he end up with a girl or a boy? I was a huge Frucien shipper but I kinda like the idea of male Freya ending up with someone opposite of him. I wouldn’t want to turn him straight, so I’d like to see him end up with some guy who saw good in him.

Which character would you like to read about but the opposite sex of what they identified with in the original story? Would you like male! Freya?


4 thoughts on “I Heart Characters #8; Bam! The Opposite Sex

  1. WOW Jamsu!! ❤️ This is some series discussion here about Freya being a guy!! I LOVE it! I haven’t watched much of The Originals though a know a touch about it… I love how you talk about all her relationships and how they would change if she were he! I would love to see that… I hope it was fun to think about who you would want to gender swap 😀

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