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Graphic Novel Review: Saga Vol. 3


Saga, Vol. 3 by Brian K Vaughan and Illustrated by Fiona Staples 
Series: Saga, #3
Genre: Science Fiction | Graphic Novels | Fantasy
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 144 pages
Source: Library
Published on March 25th 2014 by Image Comics
Brian K. Vaughan: Website Goodreads

Fiona Staples: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe. Searching for their literary hero, new parents Marko and Alana travel to a cosmic lighthouse on the planet Quietus, while the couple’s multiple pursuers finally close in on their targets.
Collecting: Saga 13-18.

I really haven’t read any graphic novels besides these, Buffy, Vampire Academy and few of Darren Shaw series, so these graphic novels keep surprising me. I love the story very much so far and the art work is amazing.

We follow Marko and Alana’s journey to keep their baby safe and how Marko is dealing with certain character death in last volume. We also see a little what people after them are up to.

The Will finally decided to name the slave girl. I really enjoyed her scene with the lying cat. It was so sweet. The lying cat isn’t really a sweet personality but he’s one of my favorite characters in these graphic novels.

I have never used a word bookgasm but somehow that scene was so relatable. I want to own so many books that other people who come to my house will be like ‘woah’.


Gwen loves the Will… since when? When did this happen? When she punched him?

If you’re searching for a graphic novels to read, I’d recommend this series.

5 stars

6 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review: Saga Vol. 3

    1. If you like aliens and don’t mind that it’s intended for adult audience then yes! I don’t usually read graphic novels but I love these! the story is interesting and you never know what happens. I also love the art.

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  1. Haha!! This is as far as I’ve gotten in the series. Still need to write my reviews. Anyways, the rest are at the library, waiting on me. Haha! Yes!! I thought the same about Gwen!


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