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Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together

Top 5 Tuesday

This week Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm gave a topic of Top 5 couples I don’t think stayed together. This post contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to know more about certain couples… do not keep reading and scroll down instead. I don’t want to spoil something for you.

5. Etta/Nicholas (Passenger)

I loved the first book of this series and these two were so cute. Then I read Wayfarer and they spend most of the book apart and I just didn’t feel like Nicholas cared that much about her?? How can they stay together if he almost let her go.

4. Nesta/Cassian (ACOTAR)

Cassian and Nesta are mates but that doesn’t necessary mean they need to stay together. It’s no secret I loath Nesta and think that Cassian deserves better than her. I don’t think they’ll stay together because there has to be a time Cassian gets tired of how Nesta treats him.

3. Sookie/ Sam (Sookie Stackhouse)

I haven’t read the last books but I do know this happens. This ship is one example why I usually dislike friends to lovers trope. Sam had feelings for Sookie before she ever dated anyone but did he say anything? Of course not. He decides to open his mouth just after someone else shows some interest in her. And Sookie? She saw him just as a boss and a friend. There was no chemistry, not anything and I’m supposed to believe they just suddenly fall in love and live happily ever after?

2. Tohr/ Autumn (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

I have nothing against these two together. Autumn and Tohr can actually be a really sweet together but she deserved a better mate. Tohr loves Autumn of course but I feel like he’s always comparing her to his old shellan. Autumn is like the most understanding person about this but after the past she had I just think she deserved to have someone who could give her their whole heart. I just don’t think they could stay together if Tohr keeps treating her the way he has.

1. Alina/ Mal (Grisha Trilogy)

I– what can I say about this couple after only reading the first book? Mal was a manwhore if I remember correctly but starts calling HER names when someone shows her interest while he ever only saw her a friend. I know that Alina gives up her powers, so am I supposed to believe that she’ll never start resent him for that? Not being able to love her as she is. From all the love interests she had I think this is the one least likely to succeed… one one of them was evil.

What couples do you think split instead of living happily ever after?

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