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Holly Jolly Mistletoe


Here’s my second Bookending Winter 2018 post. Holly Jolly Mistletoe prompt is by Julia @ Fable Hunter. The idea is to list character couples I’d want to see stuck under some mistletoe. You can also read about my favorite supernatural book ships here and TV ships here. I’m only mentioning couples that barely happened or I wish had happened.

Magnus & Alex (Magnus Chase)

We didn’t get to see these two together as much as I wanted to. I’d love to see how flustered Magnus would become under a mistletoe, especially if Alex kissed him.

Prosper & The Demon (The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding)

This one is difficult at the moment since they’re sharing a body but something about them being enemies made me ship them a bit in spite of everything.

Cardan & Jude (The Cruel Prince)

I didn’t really ship these two while reading The Cruel Prince but I’m all for it! It would be really interesting to see Cardan’s reaction if they were under a mistletoe given the fact that he can’t stand the fact that he likes her.

Rebekah & Enzo (The Vampire Diaries/ The Originals)

This is one of my Alternative Universe ships. They didn’t have any scenes together but if things had been different I like to think that they’d have ended up together.

Stiles & Derek (Teen Wolf)

I don’t normally ship gay couples when they’re not canon but season one really messed me up with their scenes.

Simon & Izzy (Shadowhunters)

I wasn’t big fan in the books but you can’t deny the chemistry in the show. They were so cute in alternative universe but I love how they’re always there for each other.

Richie & Kate (From Dusk Till Dawn)

I don’t really talk about these two but I still love them. I’m still sad that they didn’t have time to develop into a relationship but I kinda like that Kate didn’t get into relationship with either Gecko brothers.

Lucien & Freya (The Originals)

This list can’t be complete without this wasted potential *cries back in the corner*

What releases are you most exited for?

7 thoughts on “Holly Jolly Mistletoe

  1. Great list!!! I totally agree about Derek and Stiles!!! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Teen Wolf but I remember some of the scenes messing with me as well and shipping those two a lot.


  2. Interesting, interesting…I’ve yet to read Cruel Prince but I’m intrigued by Carden and Jude. Slow burn romance perhaps? I’m all for a slow burn hehe


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