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Book Review: Going Down Hard by Jordan Marie


Going Down Hard by Jordan Marie 
Series: Doing Bad Things, #1
Genre: Contemporary | Romance
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Kindle Edition, 121 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on August 13th 2017
Jordan Marie: Twitter | Goodreads

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your high school crush finally noticed you?
What if it happens 12 years later? I’ve only loved one man in my life.
Gavin O’Leary. He made my high school days a nightmare. Not because he loved me. Not because he hated me. But because he had no idea who I was. He was the popular guy with the chiseled abs, dark tan and perfect hair. You know the type.
The type that only dated the perfect-ten, cheerleader.I was the loner.
The nerd who hated high school and couldn’t wait to say goodbye. And I did — to Freemont High and to Gavin. The last thing I expected was to see him again twelve years later. Yet here he is. Only this time — he notices me. This time — he kisses me.This time saying goodbye to Gavin O’Leary might destroy me.Novella introducing a brand new series. Instant lust that took twelve years to explore. Safe read with an Alpha who knows what he wants and goes after it — HARD

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