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Well I had this Summer Fling…

Well I had this Summer Fling…

I have different lists for some of my favorite book and TV ships so my post is a little different from this prompt. I love the idea of what Amy @ The Little Booknerds In The Corner did in her prompt but I also didn’t want to repeat old posts. Instead I’m talking about top five new ships I have so far in 2019.

I totally forgot to add Lily and Lo from Addicted series to this list. Oops.

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Every Body Is A Beach Body

Every Body Is A Beach Body

Isabelle @ BookwyrmBites chose to talk about body positivity in her prompt. You should check her post since she talks about what it means and how it should be included in media.

Swimsuit season is here, but you don’t need any special diets or workout routines to prepare. Media plays a huge role in making us think otherwise, though — discuss what constitutes body positivity in books, what you’d like to see more of, any recommendations for body-positive books, et cetera.

I’m listing some of my favorite Alexa Riley books to spread the positivity. They always write books about beautiful curvy heroines and possessive alpha males.

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Summer Personified Characters

Summer personified Characters.png

This is the second Bookending Summer prompt that peeked my interest. Charvi @ Not Just Fiction describes these kind of characters as: unique in their own way but there are some of those sweet and cheerful ones whose goodness reminds you of summer. 

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Books That Make Temperatures Rise

Books That Make Temperatures Rise

Bookending Summer is here! Just look at that pretty logo Clo gave us. It was a pain to get into black picture (this prompt just needed some fire picture) until finally– finally my stupid brain realized to put something white behind it 😀

The first prompt I decided to do was created by Charvi @ Not Just FictionWhat are some books that make you hot headed with anger? List down some books that manage to get on your nerves for some reason or the other.