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Best Friend Guesses Titles of Some Books I’ve Read

Best Friend Guesses Titles of Some Books I've Read

Not an original idea! I saw someone doing this with their boyfriends in bookstagram and thought it was a funny idea. I sent pictures of some books I’ve read to my best friend where I just covered the book titles and she tried to guess them!


Best Friend Judges Books By Their Covers


Best Friend Judges Books By Their Covers

Happy Valentines day!

This post was inspired by Booktubers. I told my best friend about these videos I saw in Youtube where a book lover’s best friend or boyfriend judges their books by their covers and she suggested that we should do it, so here we are.

My best friend Jenny used to read a lot when she was a kid but these days she’s more into going to gym, so all she knows about these books is what she remembers me going on and on about and what she guesses from the covers.

Let’s see how Jenny does.

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Book And Movie Bingo Boards


My best friend and I decided to challenge ourselves by doing bingo boards. I got this idea from Noura @ The Perks Of Being Noura and because Jenny was in the mood for Movie Challenges I made her do one too.
I don’t really watch movies and she doesn’t read, so we decided to make different boards. I edited them on canvas. These bingos will cover rest of the year, but you guys are free to use them with any time frame you want.
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Learning to Let Go

learning to let go

Haley @ The Caffeinated Reader wrote this prompt to discuss how to get rid of books you’re not interested in reading or re-reading anymore. The problem is that I have never really unhauled books, so I’m making a list of some of the books I keep on my boxes and plan to unhaul… someday. I’m trying not to mention books from Monday’s post about sequels I’m not interest in reading. You can read it here.
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Sequels I’m Not Interested In Reading

Sequels I'm Not Interested On Reading.png

We all have those book series that we’re sure that we’re going to love,someone just hyped them out for us or maybe we just fell out of love with certain book series and just don’t feel like continuing the series.

Let’s look back to few sequels that I decided that they weren’t worth my time. I might read some of these one day even though I’m not interested in reading them at the moment since I can’t make up my mind at times and because I do own some of these.

You might also want to check out my post about books I thought I’d enjoy because of the hype here since I decided not to add those books in this list.
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Best Friend Guesses My Bookish Answers

best friend guesses my bookish answers

I saw Swetlana @ The Caffeinated Bookworm Life do this post with her sister and I knew that I wanted to steal it from her. I have two best friends and decided to see if either one of them was willing to do this and gladly I got Jenny to do it *laugh evilly*

I had fourteen books I showed her and she had to guess what book belonged to which caregory. She needed hints on some books and some she knew right away.

30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo

30 Books I’d Keep If I Were Marie Kondo

Welcome to reading my first post for Bookendng Spring. This prompt was created by  AJ @ For The Love Of Diversity In Books but Sam @ Fictionally Sam took over AJ’s hosting days.

The idea with this prompt is to list out thirty books that I’d keep if you were Marie Kondo since we love de-cluttering books not worthy of space in our shelves. This list is going to be so hard one for me! I mean how can I choose only 30 books to keep.

You might not see some series you know I adore, like Crossfire, Fifty Shades Of Grey, The Host and Magnus Chase in this list and that’s simply because those books are translated into Finnish, so I could loan them from the library any day unlike some English books I adore.