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Top 5 drinks for reading

top 5 tuesday

Top Five Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads. Today’s topic was Top 5 drinks for reading.


I admit it I have an obsession for soda, especially for pepsi and coca-cola. I could live and breath these drinks. I used to drink a whole 1,5 l bottle a day but now I’ve thankfully started drinking less. I don’t like “normal” coffee, so this is my go to for keeping me awake and alert.


Water takes thirst away, so I think it’s perfect drink while reading.

Hot Chocolate

I love to become a burrito and have a nice cup of hot chocolate while reading, especially during cold winter nights. It makes me feel all warm inside.

Vanilla Latte/ Ice Latte

Like I said I don’t like normal coffee, but if my sleeping schedule sucks I might drink either vanilla latte or ice latte to try keep myself awake while reading.


This is a rare drink but sometimes I try to replace my soda addiction with juice.

What do you drink while reading?

5 thoughts on “Top 5 drinks for reading

  1. I drink a lot of tea. And water. My husband is convinced that any illness I have is from being dehydrated. I could break my foot and he’d probably tell me it was because I didn’t drink enough water lol.


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