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Buddy Read: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas 
Series: Throne of Glass, #3
Genre: Romance | Fantasy 
Age Range: New Adult
Paperback, 562 pages
My Copy
Published on September 11th 2014 by Bloomsbury Childrens
Sarah J. Maas: 
Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Consumed by guilt and rage, Celaena can’t bring herself to spill blood for the King of Adarlan. She must fight back…

The Immortal Queen will help her destroy the king – for a price. But as Celaena battles with her darkest memories and her heart breaks for a love that could never last, can she fulfil the bargain and head the almighty court of Terrasen? And who will stand with her?

Heir of Fire is the book I was pretty exited about since I knew we would finally get to meet Rowan.

“You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love. Just as you cannot pick which parts of me you accept.”

Unlike Chaol, Dorian understood that Celaena wasn’t becoming anything different from what she had always been. Chaol just finally saw everything and he can’t just pick what parts of her to love.

I admit that I didn’t like Manon when I first read this series and actually skimmed all of her point of views. This time I only skimmed the chapters that didn’t have any Abraxos content. I had actually more fun with her point of view than reading about Dorian. I actually enjoyed Chaol’s point of view since we get more Aedion and I just love him.

Celaena doesn’t know if she can trust her cousin after all these years while he thought his most beloved title was cousin, kin and protector. I already love their relationship and can’t wait for them to meet again. He was ready to burn down the world if she asked already when he was thirteen years old.

The relationship between Rowan and Celaena wasn’t something I’d call healthy but it was definitely the start of actual enemies to lovers. They’re the reason I rated this book three instead of two stars but I get why people don’t like them after reading this book. Rowan was mentally abusing her but he also had his reasons for most of the things he did. I love how they slowly started trusting each other and becoming protective.

All in all I’m enjoying noticing things I never noticed when I read the series for the first time. I wasn’t big fan of most plotlines, like the one with Sorcha and if you’ve read my reviews before you know I’m more into romance than action. Heir of Fire reminded why I love Rowan and Aelin together and can’t wait to read more scenes about them together.

3 stars

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