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Book Review: City of Thorns by C.N. Crawford

City of Thorns by C.N. Crawford 
Series: The Demon Queen Trials #1
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Paranormal
Age Range: New Adult
Format: Hardcover, 306 pages
Source: My Copy
Published on July 28th 2021
C.N. Crawford: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

I never thought I’d be singing happy birthday to myself in a dungeon. And yet when a sinfully sexy demon crashes happy hour, that’s exactly what happens. He’s known as the Lord of Chaos, he’s mistaken me for my succubus doppelgänger.

Happy birthday to me.

When he tastes my blood, he finally understands I’m mortal. And I realize we have something in common: we both crave revenge. So we make a deal: I can stay in the forbidden city to hunt for my mom’s killer. In return, I’ll help him get the vengeance he craves. I just have to pose as a sexy succubus. One problem–he’s my number one suspect.

And that’s increasingly hard to remember as he teaches me my role: seduction. With each heated touch I drift further into peril. And if I fall under his seductive spell, death awaits me.

I’m so happy my sister got me this demon book for me for Christmas. I’m always ready to read almost anything with demons and the whole doppelganger thing sounded very interesting.

“You know, it’s unnerving looking into the face of my worst enemy, even if you’re only a doppelgänger. It’s hard to not reach across the table, rip your heart out of your chest, and throw it into a sea.”

Rowan is a human girl with a normal life, despite wanting revenge towards demon who killed her mother. Orion is  Lord of Chaos and he has an unhealthy obsession of revenge. He really hates Mortana and wants to make her and any possible family member suffer. He’s of course very desirable demon to female demon and many are afraid of him.

Orion has a distain for humans but Rowan and him get close when she’s trying to help him find the King’s weakness. I’m kind of enjoying how Rowan seemed to be more protective of him than he was of her. He was protective of course but I’m so used to protective alpha males that it was fun to see heroine being the more protective one for once. I had nice time with the romance but I think it will get better in the second book.

The world-building was very interesting because humans were aware of demon and even wanted to go to a demon university. I also liked that the demons weren’t allowed to kill humans even if they believed to be better than them. I found it interesting how they were allowed to kill each other, though.

All in all I found the world interesting and the whole Rowan and Orion dynamic and I didn’t see one of the plot twists coming at the end of the book. That said the book was pretty slow and it felt like nothing much was happening.

3.5 stars

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