Favorite Christmas Books

Favorite Christmas Books

Happy Holidays everyone! I haven’t been able to post awhile since I moved this month but here I am with some Christmas books I’ve enjoyed.

Snowed Inn for Christmas Anthology
Snowed Inn For Christmas
This anthology is a full of novellas by some great authors. All of the novellas contained two characters perfect for each other who get snowed in for Christmas.
Mail-Order Brides for Christmas Anthology
Mail-Order Brides for Christmas
I was lucky enough to get this arc last year and I enjoyed all but one story. You can find my review here.
A Muffin Top Christmas by Tabatha Kiss
A Muffin Top Christmas
I loved A Muffin Top (you can read review here) so I was happy to find out there was a Christmas sequel. It was nice to see what happened after “Happily Ever After”
The Barbarian Before Christmas by Ruby Dixon
The Barbarian Before Christmas
It’s no secret I love alien romance and Ice Planet Barbarians is one of my favorites. Being stuck at Ice Planet meant that the girls were missing a lot of things including what day it was, so they decided to celebrate No-Poison Day which got it’s name from explaining the aliens what mistletoe is.
Christmas With A Spy by 
Christmas with a Spy
I don’t remember much about this book but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The book is about Jemma, a good girl who liked to play by the rules and Grayson, a retired spy. He wasn’t a relationship man but the minute he saw her, he became protective of her. You can read my review here.

What are your favorite Christmas books?

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