New Reading Notes Journal Set Up

New Reading Notes Journal Set Up

I did some tabs for my new reading notes journal and decided to share them.

Photo 21.2.2021, 14.31.36
I had a sticker her too but it didn’t really stay there, so just decided to take it off. I got this journal from Tigers.
From # To Z
File 21.2.2021, 15.12.37
I somehow put these on randomly on this collage. I enjoyed painting these and adding star stickers. There’s also little post it note kind of things I can use to annotate my books.

Do you write notes, annotate or are you just normal?

One thought on “New Reading Notes Journal Set Up

  1. I never really annotated or written in a book before? At most id prepare my review & write some thoughts/quotes after my reading session on my phone.. Reading in bed dont really make this task easy otherwise 😅

    Though i hate that I cant remember my fave quotes when i need them


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