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Top 5 Crime Shows

crime shows

I rarely talk about the TV shows I watch but since I lately finished Criminal Minds and have been rewatching Bones and CSI Miami I decided to write about my favorite crime shows, not counting fantasy shows.

5. Castle

I don’t think I ever finished this show but as far as I did go I liked the whole writer/ cop duo. It helped that I like sarcastic characters and Castle could be such a mood.

4. CSI Miami

While I really enjoyed this crime show when I was a teen I don’t think I ever watched past season five? CSI Miami was probably the first police show I really enjoyed besides some Finnish one.

3. Dexter
I really like the premise of Dexter. I think I managed to watch all but the last episode. I really enjoyed them but the whole Debra’s feelings towards you know who if you’ve finished the show and I had seen some spoilers.
2. Criminal Minds

I’m not scared to admit that I mostly love this show for Spencer Reid. He’s such a cinnamon roll.

Besides that I liked the relationships the characters had even if JJ’s feelings in the last season felt totally unnecessary. Also I like how the character want to find serial killers and profiling them.

1. Bones

Bones is definitely my favorite. It doesn’t only have crime solving but also romance and friendships.

What are some of your favorite crime shows?

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