February 2021 Reading Journal Wrap Up

Reading Journal Wrap Up

Happy March!

Front Page & TBR
Photo 3.3.2021, 18.13.56
I had hard time deciding February theme but I knew I wanted to go with Valentine’s day since it’s all about romance (and chocolate) and I love romance books.
You might be horrified by the torn book pages but don’t be. It’s from my The Hunger Games parody book. I really planned to read it back when the movies came out but of course I never did and I don’t think anyone would ever be interest in reading it, so I decided to use it in my journals.
Instead of just wanting to read a lot of contemporary romance books I decided to go all kinds of books that involve romance like science fiction and fantasy.
Days Read -page
Photo 3.3.2021, 18.14.08
I actually read every single day in February!
Books Read -page
Photo 3.3.2021, 18.14.42
Those tiny heart stickers have been on my sticker book since like middle grade, so that’s why they are half falling out. But on good news I read 27 books which is almost as many as there’s days in February.

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