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Favorite Friends to Lovers Romances

Favorite Friends to Lovers Romances

I always talk about how much I usually dislike this trope but there’s quite a few books I really enjoy, some even belong to my favorite books shelf.

Lily/ Loren (Addicted to You by Krista & Becca Ritchie)

I’ll never get over how much I fell in love with our celebrity couple. Lily and Loren are both messed up people who have been friends since their childhood. They even belong to another trope I really enjoy: fake dating.

Tessa/ Will/ Jem (The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare)

No matter if you’re team Will or team Jem these three were friends before Tessa ever had feelings for either one of them. I’m team Will myself but I don’t hate Jem by any means.

Eliot/ Quentin (The Magicians)

These two deserved way more than they got. I know there’s a book series but I never felt compelled to read them. These two friends were always there for each other and I never saw myself shipping them until the mosaic.

Wesley/ Fred (Angel)

I always get upset when I write about these two. Wesley always had feelings for Fred but they didn’t get together until the last season and then Illyria happened.

Sydney/ Adrian (Bloodlines by Richelle Mead)

You could count these two as enemies to friends to lovers but they were friends longer than they were enemies. Poor Adrian always gave his heart wholly when he fell for someone and Sydney wasn’t different. Unfortunately for him, Sydney friend zoned him in the beginning.

Clark/ Lois (Smallville)

I have been rewatching Smallville and I just love the slow burn of these two so far and I’m only in season five. Clark might think Lois is annoying and she might think he’s just a farm boy but that doesn’t stop them from being always there for each other.

Magnus/ Alex (Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan)

I don’t think I know a couple that’s more slow burn than Alex and Magnus. We barely even get a kiss from this friend to lovers relationship.

Cress/ Thorne (Cress by Marissa Meyer)

I need to do a reread for this series but I remember being at the end of my seat, waiting for these two to finally get out of their friendzone.

What couples are your favorite from your least favorite trope?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Friends to Lovers Romances”

  1. I actually don’t think I have a truly hated/least favorite trope 🤔 — I mainly don’t care whichever one I get (though I am a sucker for Soul Mates.. the cheesier/more “classic” it is the better)

    I recall it’s been a while since i’ve read a last Friends to lovers novel.. but to me it hold so much more power- in the sense that they know each other perfectly to begin with; Who can love you best than them who knows everything about you ? Although I would agree that not every friendships needs or will turn into romance.. I like the idea of it (and ironically how it WONT ever happen to me xd)

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