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Supernatural Season 15

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I haven’t really reviewed any TV Shows in my blog but after watching this show since I was a teenager I decided to give it a shot.


This is a show that ran it’s course from 2005 to 2020. I’m not absolutely sure when I started watching it but I remember having a fansite it around the time season four was running. That’s twelve years rooting for these character despite the show having like zero romantic ships. Supernatural had fifteen seasons and 327 episodes.

In the beginning of January I finally made myself watch them despite seeing some stuff on Twitter.

Season 15

I had mixed feelings about this Bephegor character but I wish we had seen more of him.

“I think I’m growing on them. You know, like a cancer.

I never shipped Dean and Castiel like many Destiel fans but this season was very dark one for me. I wish we had seen more scenes with these characters just act like the friends and family they were instead of just focus defeating the big bad. It’s a fantasy show so all the supernatural elements are expected but I fell for the show not only because of the monsters but because of the humor and I love the found family trope. It feels like Dean only cared about Sam this season.

I’m glad we got to see some alternative universe Sam and Deans. I found that really interesting but what I’m the happiest about– is the fact that certain someone was finally saved from hell.

All in all I loved to see so many characters from past seasons to make an appearance and even see some parallers. The last episode is the reason for me taking my time with writing this review. I just want to pretend it never happened. I just think that the fans deserved better and I’m not just talking about the finale.

Favorite Episodes
  • The Rupture
  • Last Call
  • Destiny’s Child
  • Last Holiday

Have you seen the last season? What did you think about it?

One thought on “Supernatural Season 15

  1. I haven’t seen the season, but I watched spoilers on how it ended ans you’re right, it should have had a better ending. I know that because of Covid many thibgs had to be changed and all, but that doesn’t excuse the writing. Like you I went in for the supernatural elements and stayed for the found family trope, the friendship, the humor. Then the show just…went sideways BAD. Maybe in a few years I’ll have the courage to watch it again. Maybe.


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