My 2021 Tv Show And Movie Bullet Journal Setup

My 2021 Tv Show And Movie Bullet Journal Setup

I’m continuing my blackout journal for 2021! Here you can see all the TV/ Film related spreads I plan to track.

Quote + Year

Photo 19.12.2020, 19.49.39
I don’t like to keep my funko pops in boxes, so I cut Faith’s picture from it and stored it. I finally had a use for it! There was an extra space next to my 2021 page, so I wanted to fill it with a quote. There’s just something about this quote I can relate to, maybe because I feel often lonely.


Photo 19.12.2020, 19.50.06

I liked buying TV shows that aren’t on Netflix in 2020, so I decided to make a spread for possible hauls for 2021 too.

To Be Watched


I don’t really know what to watch in 2021 yet, so these aren’t a very big list yet. Comment below what you think I should watch.

2021 Review + Top 10 Of The Year

Photo 19.12.2020, 19.51.12

I had these spreads in my bookish journal and wanted to give them a try in my TV/Movie journal too. You can see my bookish set up here.

Do you like to do any spreads for things you watch? What do you plan to watch in 2021?

7 thoughts on “My 2021 Tv Show And Movie Bullet Journal Setup

  1. THIS IS SO PRETTY!!! I am serious! This blackout journal is giving me life! I think your shows/movies to watch spread is my favorite out of the ones listed (I also might have squealed loudly in my office when I saw Bones and Orphan Black on the list 🤣🤣)


    1. Thank you! I love doing this journal in blackout journal but it can be so hard to find right pens. I’ve been rewatching Bones since end of 2020 and now I even ordered all seasons! It has been awhile so sometimes feels like watching for the first time.


  2. AHH I love your spreads! They look great! I don’t usually track what I watch in my BuJo but I’ve started a spreadsheet for it this year so I don’t forget


  3. I love your spreads so much! I love the blackout bullet journal and ngl I am tempted to get one. I love that you put a Faith quote!! GAH I MISS THAT SHOW. Anyway. I love all your spreads so much! My life is fully consumed by Turkish shows, as you well know, so I don’t know what to recommend you. But I do agree with Orphan Black, that is such a great show! Oooh let me know when you do get to watch the last season of Supernatural, I may join you. I can’t do it by myself. I am tempted to make some spreads for my watched shows and movies, but since I watch so few I don’t know if I want to commit to a full bujo for them. I may include just a spread in my regular bujo. We’ll see.


    1. I unfortunately finished last season of Supernatural already and even made a spread of it to my new journal which I call life/ memory journal. But feel free to send me your reactions when you do watch it.

      Besides these spreads I just add monthly watch lists with ratings and few of my thoughts. I can send you some example pics in Discord if you so wish.


  4. Thoses pages are so pretty!! 🥰 it definately does a big change having the pages black.. and im loving the horoscope washi tapes!

    Ah! i don’t keep funkopops’ boxes either, but it was quite smart to cut it out, it does looks pretty with that quote xx

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