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Book Bloggers Who Made My 2020

2020 was stressful to all of us, so I wanted to start 2021 with an appreciation post for bloggers who really were there for me. I hope I had spoken more to other book bloggers but unfortunately I’m bad at starting conversations but here’s a list of people I were the most grateful for.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate other bloggers since there were ton of those.

You have really been there for me. I’m bad at being a social person and I always feel like I’m annoying people but no matter what random things I send to you, you don’t make me feel that way. I don’t really have any friends in real life that I see often, so talking to you really helped. I love talking about books with you and our Bloodlines reread was everything to me. I rarely can fangirl about Adrian and Sydrian to anyone *sends a virtual hug*.

You have been very busy this year and I’m so proud of my parabatai finishing her exams! Thank you for still making time for me and out buddy reads. I hope we get to talk more in 2021.

I often feel invisible in our group chat in Discord but you always make me feel included. Thank you for making me feel less lonely and always helping me when I need it. *offers tea*

Sophie I love talking about books with you and I can’t even say how many books your blog has made me read. I send random messages to your insta stories but you never fail to answer. Your comments on my blog always make my day.

We don’t talk a lot but I really enjoyed our buddy read. We should do more in 2021!

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