Best Out of My Comfort Zone

It’s my second year joining Blogmas! Best of 2020 is brought to us by Sophie @ Beware The Reader.


Radiance I usually come up with friends to lovers book when someone mentions a book out of my comfort zone but this time I’m talking about celebrity romance! I was never interested in reading celebrity romance before reading Starlet by Fiona Davenport and decided to give this little novella a chance.

I never wrote a review for this book despite loving since it was only about 60 pages long.

Aubrey thinks Space Battles is the most epic movie franchise of all time. She never knew who Braden was when they met. She just thought that he was some fanboy stressed as Braden’s character Nero.

#Obsessed is a great instalove romance where a fangirl falls for her celebrity crush without knowing who he really is. The hero dreams about a life together before they even sleep together.

What were your favorite books out from your comfort zone from 2020?

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