2021 Bookish Journal Setup

hello guys!

Can you guys believe that I already did 2021 spreads ? Me neither. I don’t think I’ll add any spreads here unless I decide to join some reading challenge.

Photo 9.5.2020, 14.22.51
I’m not even halfway through this notebook yet. It’s a good thing I bought one with so many pages.
I’m kinda in love how this turned out? It’s pretty simple but the stickers and washi tape make it look so good.
Books to Read

Here’s a list of books I want to read in 2021. I’ll also add new books as I haul them.

2021 Review
Unfortunately the gold pen doesn’t look that well in this picture but I like how it looks that every other month is in different color.

This is the page I’ll be adding the ARCS I’ll be reading with their source, genre and due date.

Book Hauls

I didn’t notice until later that I actually used the same color in 2020 book haul page.  Let’s hope all my hauls fit in these pages.

Buddy Reads + Top 10 Books Of The Year 

I finally got to use these purple washi tapes! I just adore doing buddy reads and I hope I’ll get the chance to buddy read as many as possible.

Books I Want To Read Again + Best New Ships and Characters

Photo 17.12.2020, 20.34.06

I’m a huge fan or rereading books, so I decided to make a whole page of books I plan to reread. I might add some titles here but these ones came first to my mind. I had an extra page, so I decided to own a page to possible characters and ships (romantic and platonic) I’ll possible fall for.

What do you think about my 2021 spreads? Have you started your spreads? If so what page did you?

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