September 2020 Reading Journal Wrap Up

reading journal 2020

I’m late with this but I’m finally sharing what my September reading spreads looked like. The theme was Blue/ Percy Jackson since I’ve been rereading those books in August and September.

Front Page & TBR
55314FBB-2828-4676-A9FC-BA21D828C0F8I tried to draw this sea looking thing and I had these cute blue post it notes what I glued to the paper. I decided to do this just because they were cute and blue.
I didn’t used to like candles but suddenly I started buying bunch of them and you might see one of my first ones in above.
Days Read -page
I like how different blues look like in the title.
Books Read -page
B566F46B-74B3-4513-B8A3-381B589D0ACEI guess I should figure out what to do to empty space when I don’t end up reading so many books that the space almost ends too quickly. I succeeded reading sixteen books in September. Thankfully I had some sea related stickers left to put around the title.

2 thoughts on “September 2020 Reading Journal Wrap Up

  1. Ohh this themed ended up so lovely ! my favorites is probably the two first pages, Although I love how the Books read page ended up looking – the stickers make it so much more prettier!

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