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Book Review: Her Wolf by Fiona Davenport

Her Wolf by Fiona Davenport 
Series: Shifted Love, #1
Genre: Paranormal | Romance | Novella
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Paperback, 99 pages.
Source: Birthday gift from my sister
Published on 2020
Fiona Davenport: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Might contain spoilers.

Allegra Hale had no idea shifters existed when she headed off to college with her two best friends. Let alone that her campus was near a shifter town. But that all changed when she got into a crash and was rescued by Zeke Blakesley—the wolf shifter who insisted they belonged together.

Zeke knew Allegra was his fated mate the moment he caught her scent. Now that he has found the woman who was born to be his, he’ll never let her go.

I got this little beauty as birthday gift and read it in one sitting. It totally sucked me in and I just couldn’t put it down. I rarely ever pick werewolf books up since 90% of them are a disappointment for me but I know this one wouldn’t be one since it’s Fiona Davenport book.

And, like always I wish it had been longer.

Our hero, Zeke is a werewolf and second in command to his alpha. He has been waiting for his mate and didn’t care for women always trying to flirt with him.

“You were born to be mine, and I’ll always treasure the gift you are.”

Allegra isn’t interested in dating any boys in college. She didn’t find getting her degree super important but she decided to go anyway because of her best friends. But then she meets Zeke and she’s drawn to him from the beginning. He’s not only incredible hot but he’s possessive of her.

The romance is insta love but like always Davenport writes a romance that make you swoon (at lest for me). I liked how both waited for each other in a way and how neither of them tried to fight this ‘bond’ they have. Zeke was just kind of a hero I enjoy. He would’ve set the whole world on fire to keep her safe.

5 stars

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