Top 5 U, W, X, Y, Z Characters


Top Five Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads. Today’s topic was favorite U, W, X, Y, Z Characters. I didn’t have many characters for these letters and didn’t want to turn it into Black Dagger Brotherhood list, so I also added few TV characters.

Honorably Mentions
  • Zsadist (Black Dagger Brotherhood)
  • Xcor (Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward)
  • Waverly Earp
5. Wynonna Earp (Wynonna Earp)

Wynonna Earp is a kick ass character and this show gives such a Buffy vibes. Wynonna wishes she wasn’t heir of the Earp line’s curse, but she’s doing her best to try to break the curse by killing as many revenants as possible,

4. Willow Moore (Bad Reputation Duet by Krista & Becca Ritchie)

Willow didn’t know she had a brother until she was a teenager and when Lo saw her for the first time he thought she was names after a Buffy character but their mother had no idea what Buffy is. Willow wanted to know Lo after finding about him and left her mother and little sister to get to know him, which her little sister saw as betrayal.

Willow didn’t have the easiest life even with growing up with two parents and a little sister. Her father seemed to hate her and later it turns out her “father” suspected that she wasn’t his daughter but he didn’t even try to get to know her and only saw her as lacking. Then she meets her other family and feels more loved than with her “original” family.

Willow is bookis and quiet. She likes to fill questionnaires in her Tumblr.

3. Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R Ward)

Wrath is my favorite Black Dagger Brotherhood character and I wish more books focused on him and Beth. He’s a blind vampire king and he has a dog while his shellan has a cat. He doesn’t only have to worry about his own family and friends but also the whole vampire species. He’s protective, brave and this post is making me want to reread the first book.

2. Wesley Wyndam-Price (Angel)

Wesley Wyndam-Price deserved way more than what he got. I loved his character ARC and then of course he did something that he thought was right and all his friend abounded him. I feel like If it had been Angel or Cordelia everyone would’ve forgiven him in a heartbeat. Then he finally had his happy ending just to loose it few episodes later.

1. William Herondale (The Infernal Devices)

Will Herondale an be a jerk to anyone whose name isn’t Jem Carstairs. He doesn’t want anyone to care about him but bit by bit you can see how good a person he is beneath it all. He’s a badass Shadowhunter and he likes reading and quoting books. But he’s afraid of ducks of all things. William would rather have his heart broken than see his parabatai in pain.

What are your favorite U, W, X, Y, Z Characters? Opinions about my picks?

3 thoughts on “Top 5 U, W, X, Y, Z Characters

  1. YES!! Nice to see Will on another list!! I also feel like I really need to read the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I am so intimidated by the number of books!! (Although I have owned Dark Lover for a number of years now…)


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