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Audio Book Review: A Bride Worth Fighting For by Tracy Lauren


A Bride Worth Fighting For by Tracy Lauren 
Series: Standalone
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance
Age Range: Adult Audience
Format: Audiobook
Source: Read Me Romance -podcast
Published on August 31st 2020 by Read Me Romance
Tracy Lauren: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Abducted by aliens, Evie thinks the only thing she has to strive for in her hellish new life is survival. Dragged halfway across the galaxy to the newly colonized farming world of Ipoch, she’s intended to be awarded as a prize to the winner of a barbaric gladiator fight. She hopes the champion isn’t cruel, she hopes he doesn’t have the capacity to harm her, but never once, does she hope to fall in love.

Serif is done with fighting. He’s done with the threat it poses to his people. When he sees the beautiful Evie, however—there’s no turning back. He’ll agree to one last tournament to save the girl, and when he wins she’ll belong to him. Because this is more than just a battle, he soon realizes. This time, Serif is FIGHTING FOR HIS BRIDE.

I love alien romance but I was surprised how much I ended up enjoying A Bride Worth Fighting For. It has just been awhile since I enjoyed audiobook this much or alien book that wasn’t written by Ruby Dixon. Evie gets kidnapped (because there can’t be alien romance without human getting kidnapped by someone, right?) and she becomes a price in a gladiator fight. Serif wants to stop the fights in his planet but then he sees what he has to gain.

I loved getting to know a different alien world, even if I found it weird there were hospitals. I guess I’ve been inside of Ice Planet world too much where there is only healers. Evie describes the world as making her feel like she’s back in time in wild west despite all the alien features.

I liked that Evie was a little scared of Serif but not overly so. I mean she just got into this strange planet where most people look strange. It might be strange but I like how easily she still got used to her fate, even wanting to do her best so Sherif would keep her. I loved how confident Sherif is about Evie being his bride that we learned why he was so sure of it. He genuinely wanted Evie to have feelings for him, which made me like him even more.

The romance was instalove but sometimes you just need something with a sweet hero and that’s what Serif was to me. He didn’t want Evie to do anything for him exchange for everything and he never pushed her to do anything. Serif was just giving her space to get used to everything.

All in all I just love me some romance with as little drama as possible. I don’t always need overly possessive and controlling alpha male or even kickass heroine. It’s sometimes just nice to read about two characters who are sweet and wanting to please each other.


5 stars

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