August 2020 Reading Journal Wrap Up

reading journal 2020

welcome to a peek of my August wrap up!

Front Page & TBR
Parabatai theme! I LOVE Shadowhunter Chronicles and I love the Parabatai bond, especially the one between Will and Jem so I decided to go with it. So many one part of parabatai like playing music so I drew some around the August text. I read so many books from my TBR but for some reason I can’t get motivated to read Blood Fury.
Another TBR + Quote
I saw this readalong in one of my DIscord servers after making my TBR, so I decided to took a page from a blackout bujo and write them down and glue to this page. This one failed more that the first TBR. I only wrote four books down, read two and DNF’d one.
Days Read -page
I think this looks much better than last month’s! You can actually see the colored days.
Books Read -page

I managed to read 23 books in August.  I think I’m going to continue my Percy Jackson reread in September. The last book I actually read in September so ignore that one.

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