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Book Review: Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright


Here Be Sexist Vampires by Suzanne Wright 
Series: Deep In Your Veins, #1
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Paranormal
Format: Paperback, 264 pages.
Source: My Copy
Published on February 8th 2013 by CreateSpace (first published January 13th 2012)
Suzanne Wright: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Might contains spoilers

Sam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.

The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared’s co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a wilful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Sventé female.

Warning: This novel contains an iron-willed female vampire with an energy whip, a sexist male vampire who is determined to have her, explicit vampy sex, and a romance story with real bite.

“So you’re prejudiced against women, young vampires, and against another breed of vampire. I bet you’re delight to have around.”

Here Be Sexist Vampires is probably my most disappointing book so far in 2020. There’s at least one book I rated one star but that was a reread I wasn’t expecting more but this was Suzanne Wright book. I read one of her series back in 2019 (you might have heard about me gushing about her demon series?) but this is the only book of hers that I rated less than four stars.

I never could keep up which vampire breed was what besides Svente. This world just didn’t work for me, even knowing that the hero would be sexist. I went to this series a little hesitant because of the name but I was sure I was going to love it. I thought Jared would be sexist in an adorable way or that he could be at least redeemed in my eyes. But I was wrong.

I liked that Sam could kickass and that she was sassy but she was too much special snowflake in my opinion. I’ve already read enough Sarah J Maas books to deal with heroine’s that are supposed to be “less” but are actually maybe the most powerful character in the series.

The romance wasn’t toxic but it wasn’t for me. Jared told Sam most of the book (and by most I mean like 95%) that she couldn’t do things because she’s a woman. That I probably could have handled but he already had three consorts and he wanted to make her into another one.

“What? Who? Oh you mean that cross between a whippet and a witch. Personally, I don’t how he can shag something that looks like it’s just escaped from Azkaban.”

All in all not my cup of tea. It might be our but there was only like two characters I cared about and they were side characters. I enjoyed reading about Fletcher and even about Evan. I just couldn’t get into this world even though I usually love vampires and I couldn’t care about our hero and heroine.


1.5 stars

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