August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

bullet journal set up

Hello, guys!

July went so fast. I felt like my holiday only lasted few days when actually it was a whole month. I went to really simple was with my bullet journal this month. I feel like nothing really happens in my life, so I stopped doing weekly spreads all together.

Front Page & Working Schedule
Photo 25.7.2020, 22.58.21
I’ve been wanting to use these cute stickers for awhile (and I don’t even like dogs) so while the front page looks pretty boring I decided to go with three different colors with the work schedule and I actually love how it looks like.
Finance Tracker
Photo 25.7.2020, 22.59.20

More dog stickers! But I also had to add watermelon because I love eating them plus it’s red.

What is your August theme?

5 thoughts on “August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

  1. I wierdly went with camping as my august’s theme 😂 I had meant to do some kind of emoji theme, with a fire .. and then it ended up with a campfire with smores. Ahaha
    For september I kind of lacked new ideas (tired of that back to school one..) so I just went with gaming in general 🤷🏽‍♀️


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