July 2020 Reading Journal Wrap Up

reading journal 2020

I decided to show my reading journal pages after the month, so I can add my read books in these pages. July theme was Buffy, the vampire slayer.

Front Page & TBR
Photo 1.8.2020, 16.51.45
I didn’t really know what I wanted to go with in July’s spreads but in the end I decided to paint Spike’s blood mug from season four. I succeeded to read almost all books from my TBR.
Books Read -page
Photo 1.8.2020, 16.53.41
This might look a little weird but I succeeded to read almost every day (yay!). I just needed to hid the printed Buffy and Spike pictures in case of copyright issues.
Books Read -page
Photo 1.8.2020, 16.54.35

I managed to read 25 books and didn’t have enough space to read more since I had already started August spreads, so I spend last few days of the month reading fanfiction.


3 thoughts on “July 2020 Reading Journal Wrap Up

  1. Your pages look great!! And wow, 25 books?! Holy cow! I bought myself a bullet journal and haven’t gotten to setting up more than about three pages and that was several months ago…and I read about 5 books in a month. You are a powerhouse!


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