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Tag: Mid Year Freak out 2020


Mid Year Freak out 2020

I totally forgot my blog turned three (I’ll show you bujo spread I did for it later) but here’s third Mid Year Freak out tag!

You can read my 2018 version of this tag here and 2019 version here.

Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2020?


I almost didn’t read Starlet by Fiona Davenport. I had only read one of her books before and I never pick books up with celebrities but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Best Sequel of 2020 so far?


There were many books I wanted to pick for this part but I decided to go with Tool by K.L Savage because I never requested any ARCs before 2020 and I’m really enjoying this series.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to?


Chain of Gold

There’s so many to choose from! I decided to go with Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare, no matter how much that book scares me. I just want to read more about Will Herondale and I fell for James and Matthew during Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy and Ghost of the Shadow Market.

Most anticipated release of the second half of 2020?

The Lost Book of the White

The Lost Book of the White by Cassandra Clare. I finally read the first book this year and I’m so up for the sequel! There can never be too much Malec in my life.

Biggest disappointment?


kiss and tell

Kiss and Tell by Jo-Anne Joseph was very disappointing to me. It wasn’t a book I gave the lowest rating since I wasn’t expecting more from that Vampire Diaries books but I was very intrigued by this book’s synopsis.

Biggest surprise?



Suck by Nikki Belaire was another ARC! It’s very fitting that this book sucked me in. It’s a very short novella but I just love it and I wish it was longer.

Favourite new (to me) author?



I wanted to pick one that I haven’t mentioned yet, no matter how much I enjoyed few author above. I read four books from Brill Harper in like two days. They were all from her Blue Collar Bad Boys series and the first one; Bounced was my absolute favorite. I didn’t love all of them since I gave them two to four stars but I really enjoyed them. If you enjoy insta love I suggest giving them a chance!

Newest fictional crush?


The Boyfriend Experience

I didn’t really have any? Eric Miller from The Boyfriend Experience was great boyfriend material, though.

Newest favourite character?

Queen of Air and Darkness

Why can’t I have answers to these questions this year? I guess the newest favorite character gotta be Kit Herondale from Lord of Shadows and Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare.

Book that made you cry?

silver shadows

Why is this answer always a reread no matter how hard I try to avoid answering with rereads? This book just likes to punch you in the feels.

Book that made you happy?

Some Kind of Perfect

Some Kind of Perfect by Krista and Becca Ritchie had punch of timejumps but we got out happy ending after all these books and it made me so happy I almost started the spin off that even hardcore fans told me to stay away from– in the end I listened.

Favourite book to movie adaptation you’ve seen this year?

I haven’t watched anything new yet, so I guess it’s The Host re-watch.

Favourite post you’ve written this year?

Here’s a few:

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

I honestly don’t know even half of books I plan to read but here’s few of them;

  • Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi
  • Ceaseless by Abbi Glines
  • Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • The Professional by Kresley Cole
  • Whatever It Takes by Krista & Becca Ritchie
  • Rest of Ice Planet Barbarians universe
I tag

I wasn’t tagged, so I’m not tagging anyone this time but feel free to do this tag if you feel like it.


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