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Favorite LGBT Romances

six for sunday

Six For Sunday is a weekly meme created by Steph @ A Little But A Lot. The meme was created to list 6 things we love/hate every Sunday. The prompts are mainly bookish.

I haven’t talked about my favorite LGBT+ ships since I started my blog and I wrote about my Top 3 favortie ships. You can read that post here. I didn’t go as much detail in this post as that one since I’ve talked about some of my favorites in that post.

6. Sara/Ava (Legends of Tomorrow)

I never talk about this couple and I rarely ship w/w ships but I always enjoy seeing these two on screen. Sara and Ava didn’t really get along in the beginning but now they’re co-captains and they have been through so much together.

5. Ian/ Mickey (Shameless)

Mickey is what you could call a bad boy but he really cares for Ian. He had hard time admitting his feelings but it was amazing when he finally did and he took care of Ian when he was sick. Ian and Mickey are always there for each other, no matter if the other one was in jail. Ian and Mickey are not perfect by all means but I think that’s part of the reason why I like them.

4. Simon/ Blue (Simon vs.)

I feel like I’m talking about these two in every post lately, so I’m going to be very short with this reply. Simon and Blue are the definition of a cute, sweet couple and I love how they fell each other by just talking to each other via internet.

3. Simon/ Baz (Simon Snow)

Simon and Baz knew each other since they were like eleven and Simon was always expecting Baz to do something evil. They become close and Simon realizes he actually has feeling for Baz.

2. Magnus/ Alec (Shadowhunter Chronicles)

Magnus and Alec were my first ever lgbt+ ship and over a decade it remained my favorite but second favorite isn’t that bad either. The TV and book versions are different but I just adore both. I still think I prefer the book version since I fell for it first and it has a lot more growth than the show did.

1. Quentin/ Eliot (The Magicians)

I wish I could stop loving these two so much but I still watch too many fanvideos about them. I rarely like friends to lovers but I just can’t but adore Quentin and Eliot. None other ship in the show could measure up with them. I enjoyed Eliot flirting with Quentin in earlier seasons and I loved the life they had in that certain season three episode but I didn’t start shipping them until season four when Eliot realized how scared he was to give them a chance. I even wrote a post about why I thought they should be endgame. You can read it here.

What LGBT+ couples are your favorite?

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