June 2020 Reading Journal Setup

June 2020 Reading Journal Setup

I don’t normally join readathons early enough to actually post a TBR but luckily I found out about The Readathon Diaries early for once. You can find more about it here. Since I always add my TBRs to my reading journal I just decided to share early what I did for my June spreads.


I don’t really like TV! Damon, Elena and Stefan anymore but I have wanted to reread The Vampire Diaries books for awhile. I started them back in 2009 or 2010 but never finished. The books are very different and I just want to know what I feel about them now.
Also I could change my mind about these characters when I finally rewatch the whole show.
Front Page
Photo 13.5.2020, 17.01.53
My friend actually helped me with this crow, like it’s legs. I’ve always found this Elena Gilbert quote kinda funny, considering all that’s happened in Mystic Falls.
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I didn’t have enough space to write the Group book below, so I added it up instead. I decided to go with Vampires and not werewolves or witches because I felt like the prompts fit better with books I was interested in reading. I do hope I read more books featuring werewolves and witches.

Some of these have two options because I’m a mood reader and one of them is a buddy read but I also want to continue my Ruby Dixon read. I also really want to read Nevernight because I got it for Christmas and I don’t know when I would read it if not for readalong but Blood Fury would be sequel to the vampire book I’m reading.

I added a little potion sticker since we have witches in the show and the little board because June is a pride month and it had those rainbow colors. Besides I remember the cast getting board in teen awards or something.

Days Read + Quote
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I’ve wanted to try this page for awhile but I found it too difficult in my old journal. It was almost impossible to just choose one quote since there’s so many epic ones from my favorite characters but in the end I chose to go with one that was vampire -related.

I decided to go with pink unicorn sticker because Legacies had an unicorn in one episode. I went with bikini sticker in the other page because it’s a Caroline quote and human! Caroline was very girly. Plus both stickers were pink. I tried different ways to draw Mystic Falls sign but in the end just draw the population with just taking one people out since vampires kill a lot of people.

Books Read -page
Photo 13.5.2020, 20.52.18

I decided to go with red flowers in this spread because this month’s theme is red and the last thing I remember from The Vampire Diaries books is Damon giving Elena a black rose.


What’s your reading journal month this month? What’s the last readalong you joined?

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