New 2020 Bookish Journal Setup

new 2020 bookish journal

I’m almost done with my current reading journal, so I decided to redo some pages to my new notebook, so I don’t have to go back to my old one to fill things up. You can find my other 2020 bookish journal set up here.

Photo 9.5.2020, 14.22.51
I found this thick blue glitter dotted notebook this winter and just added some heart sticker in it to make it look less empty.
Inside the Notebook
Photo 9.5.2020, 14.33.44
I got this sticker (and one other I haven’t used yet) for Christmas from one of my blogger friends. Unfortunately I can’t remember from who or I’d tag them! Anyway I decided to put it here.
Photo 9.5.2020, 14.22.58
This journal will at least hopefully last for many years but I decided to add 2020 in the cover page since it’s the year I started this notebook. I might add the year I finish the notebook later– who knows. I have quite a few unicorn stickers but since the notebook is blue I decided to use that one and a tiny blue camera sticker. I also had some blue glitter washi tape.
Photo 9.5.2020, 14.29.52

My last bookish journal didn’t have index page but since this one is dotted journal and I enjoy doing them in my regular journal here’s one for my bookish journal.

Books to Read

Photo 9.5.2020, 14.30.05

I’ll add this page with books I plan to read before 2020 is over. I’ll be adding here books I have in my physical library, kindle and even some audio-books I want to listen via read Me Romance -podcast. I think I’ll even just color them in three different colors instead of just random ones.

The Second Half of 2020 Review + Releases to Stalk
Photo 9.5.2020, 14.30.16
Purple and pink are my favorite colors, so of course I needed a page that isn’t blue here. I don’t have many releases I need to stalk but here are few I really am exited for.
Book Hauls

Photo 9.5.2020, 14.31.16

I’ll probably only  been adding physical books again since I doubt I can fit all my physical and kindle hauls here.

Buddy Reads + ARCS

Photo 14.5.2020, 18.14.19

I love doing buddy reads and I hope there’s going to be many of them for the rest of the years like I did in the beginning.

Top 10 Books Of The Year + The Bad Boys of Romance Challenge 2020

Photo 14.5.2020, 19.25.20

I’m going to list here my top ten books of the year. I also decided to join a new book challenge since I had one page empty.

What do you think about my new spreads?

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