May 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

May 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Welcome to my May Bullet Journal spreads!

Let’s take a look what I did with this month’s yellow/orange theme in my Bullet Journal pages.

Front Page & Blogging Schedule
Photo 26.4.2020, 21.50.33
I decided to draw Pikatchu for the front page because not only did I saw this super cute one in Instagram but also my friend made me download Pokemon Go. I’m not a big gamer even though I have discord but that was pretty fun game to play. And on the right there’s blogging schedule for the month.
Finance Tracker
Photo 26.4.2020, 22.15.37

I wanted to change some things in my spending log but I still looked Planning with Kay’s bujo spreads to this one.

Example for My Weekly Spreads
Photo 29.4.2020, 19.38.53
I don’t usually show my weekly spreads but since I have my work schedule I decided to show this one.

What color did you go with this month?

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