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Top 5 Cute Romances


This week Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm gave a topic of Top 5 Cute Romances.

5. Simon/ Blue (Simon vs. Homosapiens Agenda)

It has been awhile since I read or watched this but I found these two cute. Simon and Blue found each other on Tumblr and both are still inside a closet. They find out that they go to same school but doesn’t know each other’s real identity, so Simon just makes guesses who Blue could be.

4. Abby/ Iron Phantom (The Supervillain And Me)

The Supervillain And Me is a story about real life superheroes. Abby’s brother is one and then she meets Iron Phantom aka “supervillain” and finds out that not all superheroes are good. Abby and Iron Phantom start working together and I found them very cute.

3. Ian/ Wanda (The Host)

This is enemies to lovers but in my opinion one of the cutest romances. Ian went from trying to kill her to falling in love with her. I can’t describe how cute i found these two together.

2. Layla/ Roth (The Dark Elements)

I wish more couples could fit into this list but I chose to go with Layla/ Roth because this couple can be so sweet but also badass together. Roth doesn’t have a soul but he clearly loves her.

1. Sydney/ Adrian (Bloodlines)

I love this enemies to friends to lovers couple. These two went through so much growth during the series and Adrian has some of the most quotes ever. Vampire Academy was a mediocre series but I can’t recommend this series enough. 

What are your favorite cute romances?

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