April 2020 Reading Journal Setup

April 2020 Reading Journal Setup

This month’s theme is bees and just overall yellow/ orange.

Front Page & TBR
Photo 6.4.2020, 23.00.34
First time I didn’t add last Addicted books to my TBR I of course read them. Otherwise I’m happy with this TBR and might even finish them all. I love those flower stickers I had and decided to add them to my TBR page.
Books Read -page
Photo 6.4.2020, 23.00.46

I wanted to keep orange/yellow theme from the bees, but the marker don’t really show in the paper that well so I decided to add black marker around it. I didn’t really have good stickers for this theme, so I used to those fish ones.

If you have book journal what kind of pages do you use monthly?

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