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I decided to start with Sam’s @ Fictionally Sam prompt. This post might be pretty long one since I’m not only listing books I own but also books I know I still need to buy.


Smile for the Shelfie! 

Take a picture of your bookshelves and/or stacks and explain how you organize your books!

How do I Organize My Books?

B01D9A78-3AFC-4B36-AF1D-35BDD3DCDE72I organized my books by genre for years but a little while ago needed a change, so I changed my system. I don’t have any cool system like rainbow or by the writer. This time I just wanted to keep my favorite books on top of the shelves and least favorite ones below, so I don’t have to look at them. I actually like this system because now I can keep all books by the same writer(s) side by side instead of separating them.

J.R Ward & Cassandra Clare Books

I have a lot of J.R Ward books (mostly from her Black Dagger Brotherhood series) and Cassandra Clare books, so I decided to put them in the first shelves.

J.R Ward books I own
  • The Thief
  • Possession
  • Envy
  • Dark Lover
  • Lover Eternal
  • Lover Awakened
  • Lover Revealed
  • Lover Unbound
  • Lover Enshired
  • Lover Unleashed
  • Lover Reborn
  • The King
  • The Shadows
  • The Chosen
  • The Thief
  • The Savior
  • Where Winter Finds You
J.R Ward books I still need in my shelves
  • The Black Dagger Brotherhood: Inside’s Guide
  • Blood Vow
  • Blood Fury
  • Blood Truth
  • The Beast
  • Prisoner of Night
  • The Sinner
  • The Jackal
Cassandra Clare books I own
  • Ghosts of the Shadow Market
  • Chain of Gold
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic
  • City of Heavenly Fire
  • City of Lost Souls (two copies)
  • Clockwork Princess
  • City of Bones
  • City of Glass
  • City of Fallen Angels
  • The Bronze Key
  • The Silver Mask
  • Lady Midnight
  • The Iron Trial
  • Clockwork Angel: Graphic Novel
  • Clockwork Angel
  • Clockwork Prince
  • City of Ashes
Cassandra Clare books I still need in my shelves
  • The Copper Gauntlet
  • The Golden Tower
Laurann Dohner Book & Ruby Dixon Books
Laurann Dohner book I own
  • Loving Deviant
Laurann Dohner books I still need in my shelves
  • Burning Up Flint
  • Kissing Steel
  • Melting Iron
  • Touching Ice
  • Stealing Coal
  • Redeeming Zorus
  • Taunting Krell
  • Haunting Blackie
  • Seducing Stag
  • Falling For Sky
Ruby Dixon book I own
  • Ice Planet Barbarians
  • Barbarian Alien
  • Barbarian Lover
  • Barbarian Mine
  • Ice Planet Holiday
  • Barbarian’s Heart
  • Barbarian’s Seduction
  • Barbarian’s Touch
  • Barbarian’s Valentine
  • Barbarian’s Hope
  • Barbarian’s Choice
  • Barbarian’s Redemption
  • Barbarian’s Lady
  • The Barbarian Before Christmas
  • Barbarian’s Rescue
  • Barbarian’s Tease
  • Barbarian’s Beloved
  • Enticed By The Corsair
  • Veronica’s Dragon
  • In The Corsair’s Bed
  • Lauren’s Barbarian
  • The Corsair’s Captive
  • Prison Planet Barbarian
Ruby Dixon books I still need in my shelves
  • Deceiving the Corsair
  • Willa’s Beast
  • Angie’s Gladiator
  • Hannah’s Hero
  • Devi’s Distraction
  • Ice Planet Honeymoon
  • Nadine’s Champion
  • Callie’s Catastrophe
  • Penny’s Protector
Rick Riordan Books
Rick Riordan book I own
  • The Lightning Thief
  • The Sea of Monsters
  • The Titan’s Curse
  • The Battle of the Labyrinth
  • The Last Olympian
  • The Lost Hero
  • The Son of Neptune
  • The Mark of Athena
  • The House of Hades
  • The Blood of Olympus
  • The Sword of Summer
  • The Hammer of Thor
  • The Ship of the Dead
  • The Red Pyramid
  • The Throne of Fire
  • The Serpent’s Shadow
  • The Hidden Oracle
Rick Riordan books I still need in my shelves
  • The Dark Prophecy
  • The Burning Maze
  • The Tyrant’s Tomb
  • The Tower of Nero
Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics

I started Buffy comics in hope of Spuffy endgame. I only plan to buy up to s11 volume 2, so I can pretend that’s the ending. I gave the new comics a change but I’ve heard so many bad things about volume two, especially about the art so I’m not planning of getting that.

Buffy comics I own
  • Angel: After the Fall
  • Buffy Season 8 #1
  • Buffy Season 8 #2
  • Buffy Season 8 #3
  • Buffy Season 8 #4
  • Buffy Season 8 #5
  • Buffy Season 8 #6
  • Buffy Season 8 #7
  • Buffy Season 8 #8
  • Buffy Season 9 #1
  • Buffy Season 9 #2
  • Buffy Season 9 #3
  • Buffy Season 9 #4
  • Buffy Season 9 #5
  • Buffy Season 10 #1
  • Buffy Season 10 #2
  • Buffy Season 10 #3
  • Buffy Season 10 #4
  • Buffy Season 10 #5
  • Buffy Season 10 #6
  • Buffy Season 11 #1
Buffy comics I still need in my shelves
  • Buffy Season 11 #2
Suzanne Wright & Richelle Mead Books
Suzanne Wright book I own
  • Feral Sins
  • Burn
  • Blaze
  • Ashes
  • Embers
Richelle Mead book I own
  • Vampire Academy: Graphic Novel
  • Frostbite: Graphic Novel
  • Shadow Kiss: Graphic Novel
  • Bloodlines
  • The Golden Lily
  • The Indigo Spell
  • The Fiery Heart
  • Silver Shadows
  • The Ruby Circle
K.B Ritchie & Helen Hoang books
Krista & Becca Ritchie book I own
  • Ricochet
  • Addicted For Now
  • Kiss the Sky
  • Hothouse Flower
  • Thrive
  • Addicted After All
  • Fuel The Fire
  • Long Way Down
  • Some Kind of Perfect
Krista & Becca Ritchie book I still need in my shelves
  • Addicted To You
  • Whatever It Takes
Helen Hoang book I own
  • The Kiss Quotient
  • The Bride Test
Kati Wilde, Jennifer L. Armentout & Eve Langlais Books
Kati Wilde book I own
  • Wanting It All
Jennifer L. Armentrout book I own
  • The Darkest Star
  • Lux: Beginnings
  • Lux: Consequences
  • Opposition
  • White Hot Kiss
  • Stone Cold Touch
  • Every Last Breath
  • Obsession
Jennifer L. Armentrout book I still need in my shelves
  • Storm and Fury
Eve Langlais book I own
  • Hell’s Geek
  • Adam
  • The Geek Job
  • Crazy
Shay Savage, Danielle Banas, Becky Albertalli, Casey McQuiston, Rainbow Rowell and Alexa Riley books
Shay Savage book I own
  • Transcendence
Danielle Banas book I own
  • The Supervillain and Me
Becky Albertalli book I own
  • Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Rainbow Rowell books I own
  • Fangirl
  • Carry On
  • Wayward Son
Casey McQuiston books I own
  • Red, White & Royal Blue
Alexa Riley books I own
  • The Princesses
  • Sheltered
  • Everything For Her
  • His Alone
  • Claimed
Alexa Riley book I still need in my shelves
  • Any Alexa Riley book I can find
Becca Fitzpatrick, Alexandra Bracken, Tabatha Kiss & Amanda Hocking Books
Becca Fitzpatrick books I own
  • Hush Hush
  • Crescendo
  • Silence
  • Finale
Alexandra Bracken books I own
  • Passenger
  • Wayfarer
  • The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
  • The Last Life of Prince Alastor
Tabatha Kiss books I own
  • Muffin Top
Amanda Hocking books I own
  • Switched
  • Torn
  • Ascend
  • Crystal Kingdom
  • Ice Kissed
Julie Kagawa, Thea Harrison, Tiffany Reisz, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff and Tessa Bailey Books
Julie Kagawa books I own
  • The Iron King
  • The Iron Daughter
  • The Iron Queen
Julie Kagawabook I still need in my shelves
  • The Iron Knight
Thea Harrison books I own
  • Serpent’s Kiss
  • Oracle’s Moon
Tiffany Reisz books I own
  • Angel
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff books I own
  • Sun God Seeks…Surrogate?
  • Vampires Need Not… Apply?
Tessa Bailey books I own
  • Chase Me
Sylvia Day & Lisa R. Jones Books
Sylvia Day books I own
  • Bared To You
  • Reflected in You
  • Entwined With You
  • Captivated by You
  • One with You
Lisa R. Jones books I own
  • If I Were You
  • Being Me
  • Revealing Us
  • No in Between
  • I Belong To You
  • All of Me
  • Escaping Reality
  • Infinite Possibilities
Lisa R.Jones Books I still need in my shelves
  • Forsaken
Holly Black, Marissa Meyer, Tahereh Mafi & Kass Morgan Books
Holly Black books I own
  • The Cruel Prince
  • The Wicked King
  • The Queen of Nothing
Marissa Meyer books I own
  • Scarlet
  • Cress
  • Winter
Marissa Meyer books I still need in my shelves
  • Cinder
Tahereh Mafi books I own
  • Restore Me
  • Shatter Me
  • Unravel Me
  • Ignite Me
  • Defy Me
Tahereh Mafi books I still need in my shelves
  • Imagine Me
Kass Morgan books I own
  • The 100
  • Day 21
  • Homecoming
  • Rebellion
Sarah J. Maas & E.L James Books
Sarah J. Maas books I own
  • A court of Frost and Starlight
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • A Court of Wings and Ruin
  • A Court of Mist and Fury
  • Throne of Glass
  • Crown of Midnight
  • Heir of Fire
  • Empire of Storms
  • Queen of Shadows Tower of Dawn
  • Kingdom of Ash
E.L James books I own
  • Grey
  • Darker
  • Fifty Shades of Grey (I still want this copy back from my friend from high school even if I prefer Grey)
  • Fifty Shades Darker
  • Fifty Shades Freed
Kresley Cole & Gena Showalter Books
Kresley Cole books I own
  • The Warlord Wants Forever
  • A Hunger Like No Other
  • No Rest For The Wicked
  • Wicked Deeds On a Winter’s Night
  • Dark Needs at Night’s Edge
  • Dark Desires After Dusk
  • Kiss of a Demon King
  • Untouchable
  • Pleasure of a Dark Prince
  • Demon From the Dark
  • Dreams of a Dark Warrior
Kresley Cole books I still need in my shelves
  • Lothaire
  • Shadow’s Claim
  • MacRieve
  • Dark Skye
  • Sweet Ruin
  • Shadow’s Seduction
  • Wicked Abyss
  • Munro
  • Shadow’s Kiss
Gena Showalter books I own
  • The Darkest Night
  • Beauty Awakened
  • Burning Dawn
  • Nymph King
Gena Showalter books I still need in my shelves
  • The Darkest Kiss
  • The Darkest Pleasure
  • The Darkest Prison
  • The Darkest Whisper
  • The Darkest Angel
  • The Darkest Facts
  • The Darkest Passion
  • The Darkest Lie
  • The Darkest Secret
  • The Darkest Surrender
  • The Darkest Seduction
  • Wicked Nights
  • The Darkest Craving
  • The Darkest Touch
  • The Darkest Torment
  • The Darkest Promise
  • The Darkest Warrior
  • The Darkest Captive
  • The Darkest Assassin
  • The Darkest King
Jay Kristoff, Stephanie Gaber, Beth Revis, Kat Falls, Amanda Hodkin & Shea Ernshaw
Jay Kristoff books I own
  • Illuminae
  • Nevernight
Stephanie Gaber books I own
  • Caraval
Beth Revis books I own
  • Across The Universe
  • A Million Suns
Kat Falls books I own
  • Dark Life
Amanda Hodkin books I own
  • The Becoming of Noah Shaw
Amanda Hodkin books I still need in my shelves
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
  • The Evolution of Mara Dyer
  • The Retribution of Mara Dyer
Shea Ernshaw books I own
  • The Wicked Deep
Lauren Kate, Heather Killough-Walden, Alexandra Adornetto & Susan Ee Books
Lauren Kate books I own
  • Fallen In Love
  • Rapture
  • Torment
  • Passion
  • Fallen
Heather Killough-Walden books I own
  • Death’s Angel
  • Messenger’s Angel
  • Avenger’s Angel
Alexandra Adornetto books I own
  • Halo
Susan Ee Books I Own
  • Angelfall
  • World’s After
Susan Ee Books I still need in my shelves
  • End of Days
Alyson Noel, Stephanie Meyer, Rachel Caine & Lynsay Sands Books
Alyson Noel books I own
  • Evermore
  • Blue Moon
  • Shadowland
  • Dark Flame
  • Night Star
  • Everlasting
  • Fated
  • Echo
Stephanie Meyer books I own
  • Twilight
  • New Moon
  • Eclipse
  • Breaking Dawn
  • The Host (two copies)
Rachel Caine books I own
  • Ghost Town
  • Bite Club
  • Black Dawn
  • Fall of Night
Lynsay Sands Books I Own
  • Runaway Vampire
  • Love Bites
Charlaine Harris & P.C Cast and Kristin Cast Books
Charlaine Harris books I own
  • Dead Until Dark
  • Living Dead In Dallas
  • Club Dead
  • Dead to the World
  • Dead as a Doornail
  • Definitely Dead
  • All Together Dead
  • From Dead to Worse
  • Dead and Gone
  • Dead in the Family
P.C Cast and Kristin Cast books I own
  • Marked
  • Betrayed
  • Chosen
  • Untamed
  • Hunted
  • Tempted
  • Burned
  • Awakened
  • Destined
  • Hidden
  • Revealed
P.C Cast and Kristin Cast Books I still need in my shelves
  • Redeemed
Abigail Gibbs, Sally Green, Stephanie Laurens, Sarah Morgan, Megan Hart, Lori Fosters & Terri Brisbin Books
Abigail Gibbs books I own
  • A Dinner with a Vampire
  • Autumn Rose
Sally Green books I own
  • Half Bad
  • Half Wild
Sally Green Books I still need in my shelves
  • Half Lost
Stephanie Laurens books I own
  • The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh
  • The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
Sarah Morgan books I own
  • Some Kind of Wonderful
  • One Enchanted Moment
  • Miracle on 5th Avenue
Megan Hart books I own
  • Dirty
Lori Foster books I own
  • No Limits
Terri Brisbin books I own
  • Surrender to the Highlander
  • Possessed by the Highlander
Sabrina Bowen, V.E Schwab, Anna Todd & Josephine Angelini Books
Sabrina Bowen books I own
  • Pipe Dreams
V.E Schwab books I own
  • A Darker Shade of Magic
Anna Todd books I own
  • After
  • After We Collided
  • After We Fell
  • After Ever After
Josephine Angelini Books I own
  • Witch’s Pyre
  • Fire Walker
  • Trial by Fire
Kiersten White, Meredith Wild, Jamie McGuire, Meg Cabot, Nicola Cornick & Larissa Ione Books
Kiersten White books I own
  • Paranormalcy
  • Supernaturally
Kiersten White Books I still need in my shelves
  • Slayer
Meredith Wild books I own
  • Hardwired
  • Hardpressed
  • Hardline
  • Hard Limit
Jamie McGuire books I own
  • Walking Disaster
Meg Cabot Books I own
  • Awaken
Nicola Cornick books I own
  • The Lady and the Laird
  • One Wicked Sin
  • Whisper of Scandal
Larissa Ione Books I own
  • Eternal Rider
R.L Stine, Maggie Stiefvater, Elina Rouhiainen, Kelley Armstrong, Karen Marie Moning, Michelle Willingham, Victoria Dahl & Jessica Sims Books
R.L Stine books I own
  • Vampire Breath (the only book from my childhood)
Maggie Stiefvvater Books I still need in my shelves
  • Shiver
  • Linger
  • Forever
 Elina Rouhiainen books I own
  • Uhanalainen
  • Kesytön
Kelley Armstrong books I own
  • Bitten
Karen Marie Moning Books I own
  • Darkfever
Michelle Willingham books I own
  • The Warrior’s Touch
Victoria Dahl Books I own
  • Lead Me On
Jessica Sims Books I own
  • Beauty Dates the Beast
L.J Smith, Gwen Hayes, Darren Shan & Kore Yamazaki Books
L.J Smith books I own
  • Origins
  • The Awakening
  • The Struggle
  • The Fury
  • Dark Reunion
  • The Return: The Nightfall
Gwen Hayes Books I still need in my shelves
  • Dreaming Awake
  • Falling Under
Darren Shan books I own
  • The Vampire’s Assistant (graphic novel)
  • Tunnels of Blood (graphic novel)
Kore Yamazaki books I own
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol. 2
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol. 3
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride Vol. 5
C.J Daugherty, Lori Fosters, Kiera Cass, Ally Condie, Rina Yagami & Satoru Takamiya Books
C.J Daugherty books I own
  • Night School
  • Legacy
  • Fracture
Lori Fosters Books I still need in my shelves
  • Star Quality
Kiera Cass books I own
  • The Selection
  • The Elite
  • The One
Ally Condie books I own
  • Matched
  • Crossed
  • Reached
Rina Yagami Books I own
  • A Kiss in The Night
Satoru Takamiya books I own
  • The Blood-Tied Lovers


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