April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

April 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

This is what I did to my April spreads:

Front Page
Photo 29.3.2020, 15.02.38
I didn’t really know what to do with my April spreads since we actually have snow here now. Then I saw these headphones in Pinterest and just added a little sticker there.
Work Schedule

Photo 29.3.2020, 15.03.41

I decided to give work and blogging schedules their own pages instead of joining them. I love that cat with little pink tutu.

Blogging Schedule

Photo 29.3.2020, 15.04.59

I hope I actually have motivation to fill this in. This will be very useful now that I’ve at least one blog tour in April and this will also help me not to forget when I have scheduled posts.

Finance Tracker

Photo 29.3.2020, 15.04.43

I really love how this Bill- section works for me. I don’t really have that many places for income but it would look weird with only few columns. This spending log works for me since I food A LOT.

Which of these do you think worked best?

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